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September 11

It was 19 years ago today.  Remember.

The Chron E-Board has a take today on September 11 and COVID-19.  It has to do with how September 11 changed our lives as is or will COVID-19.  Check out the E-Board take if you can.

Fans at Arrowhead last night booed when players for Kansas City and the Texans had their moment of unity and the booing is why players have their moment of unity. 

I didn’t even notice but we are now second in the country for most COVID-19 infections behind California.  If California and Texas were countries, we’d be holding down the number 8 spot in the world for infections.  Thanks, Gov. Greg Abbott.

Meanwhile, Gov. Abbott and his fellow Texas GOP bozos are pledging to take away a city’s annexation authority if they defund their police.  They mightily try to get folks to take their eyes off of their COVID-19 response.  Nice try, but it is not working.  Folks aren’t heading to the polls with defunding cops on their minds. These guys are a joke.

It looks like Robert E. Lee High in Baytown will remain Robert E. Lee High.  The school board there decided to keep the name on a 4-3 vote.  Oh, well.

The Rockets lost yesterday.

The Texans lost yesterday.

The Astros lost yesterday and have a rare off day for a Friday. At Dodger Stadium tomorrow and Sunday evenings we will be on national TV – Fox and ESPN.

Stay safe this weekend.

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