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Woodward Tapes

Commentary was one of those who thought the 2016 election was over when the Access Hollywood tapes came out a month before the election.  Then a couple or so weeks later, then FBI Director James Comey dropped the October surprise and muddled stuff up.  Then election day happened.

The pandemic has greatly altered our lives in 2020.  It is not just wearing a mask, washing our hands, and social distancing.  A lot of folks have lost their jobs.  Many are working from home.  Businesses are permanently closing. Schools are going virtual.  Virtual schooling is frustrating families.  Many avoid restaurants and movie theaters.  We can’t go to ballgames or concerts.  Oh yeah, over 6 million in the USA have gotten infected by COVID-19, 190,000 have died and we are not done.

More and more folks are realizing that there is something structurally wrong here at home when the most powerful nation in the world leads all countries in infections and deaths.  Why did it have to happen like this?

From the very beginning, Donald Trump mishandled, didn’t take seriously, and downplayed the pandemic.  We watched on live TV the lies, denials and chaos coming out of the briefing room.  When the reopening occurred in May and infections spiked through the roof, Trump’s approval numbers on his handling of the virus sank and now about two-thirds of the voters disapprove.

Now we have him on tape.

I am not going to spend a lot of time analyzing Donald Trump’s base. They are still with him.  They don’ care.

It’s the other folks who voted for him in 2016 who have had enough.  With less than eight weeks until November 3, I don’t think they are going to vote for him this time.

The Woodward tapes are a lot stronger than the Access Hollywood tapes because of the instability of the current situation. A huge difference.

On a related matter, the White House Corona Task Force should be disbanded.  They stood idly by and did nothing.  They too knew.

Meanwhile, Gov. Greg Abbott and his fellow Texas GOP bozos are trying to get folks to forget about COVID-19 and are promoting a pledge to back the blue and reject defunding the police.  Oh, brother.  That’s what happens when these bozos blindly follow Trump.  Is this the best they can do? Pitiful.

Changing the subject.

In the MLB community, some folks led by Latinos, want to retire the number 21 that was worn by Hall of Fame great Roberto Clemente.  I am 100% for that. Just so you know, here are the following number 21 jerseys that have been retired by MLB teams:

Hall of Fame pitching great Bob Lemon by Cleveland, Hall of Fame pitching great Warren Spahn, by Milwaukee (now The ATL), and Clemente by Pittsburgh. 

The Astros, Rockets and Texans all play today.  The last time that our MLB, NFL and NBA teams played on the same day was on October 12, 1980.  That day, the Astros lost the NLCS 3-2 to the Phillies in final Game 5.  The Oilers lost to the Chiefs at Arrowhead and the Rockets lost to the Lakers at The Forum.

My Best Friend and I were at Game 5 that evening.

I don’t have much to say about losing another game we easily could have won.

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