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Roberto Clemente Day

Gov. Greg Abbott extended the pandemic disaster declaration yesterday while Donald Trump held a campaign rally without masks and social distancing.  Get all your friends and family to vote.

Commentary said this on Friday:

Pro-choice folks who didn’t want pro-choice Planned Parenthood to endorse pro-choice GOP State Rep. Sarah Davis because pro-choice GOP State Rep. Sarah Davis is not a pro-choice Democrat didn’t get their way as pro-choice Planned Parenthood endorsed pro-choice GOP State Rep. Sarah Davis.

Erica Grieder’s Chron Column today is about the Planned Parenthood decision and it ends like this:

But in the meantime, it’s hard to fault the nonpartisan groups that have looked at Davis’ record, and decided to support her return to the legislature.

Here is Grieder’s entire column: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/columnists/grieder/article/Backlash-to-Planned-Parenthood-endorsement-of-15551469.php.

Some folks would say that Planned Parenthood isn’t nonpartisan. 

Stace wasn’t too happy with Planned Parenthood here: https://doscentavos.net/2020/09/05/planned-parenthood-picks-anti-immigrant-republican-over-democrat/.

I participated in a phone survey on the election last night on the presidential race and Gov. Greg Abbott’s approval.  They asked for age, party affiliation, liberal/conservative, income, gender, rural/suburban/urban, but no ethnicity.  You know how Commentary responded.

Luby’s will soon be shutting its doors, unless someone steps in and saves them.  Every now and then Luby’s in Baytown is where I pick up LuAnn takeout for my Dad.  The last time was this past Sunday. No mas.

The LC Cafeteria in Downtown H-Town left us a long time ago.  Same goes for Wyatt’s and the Piccadilly Cafeterias.  How many cafeterias are still around H-Town?  The Dinner Bell and Cleburne is all I know.

Speaking of grub, Commentary isn’t going to get all worked up on Whataburger becoming the official burger of the Cowboys.  I don’t hate the Cowboys. I just don’t root for them against anyone they play.  They do have a few Super Bowl rings and we’ve never gone to a Super Bowl.  Like it or not there are more Cowboys fans in Texas than there are Texans fans.  Cowboys games are carried on 43 radio stations across Texas.  25 for the Texans.

Today is Roberto Clemente Day in MLB.  I remember hearing on the car radio the day he disappeared on a flight from Puerto Rico to Nicaragua during the Christmas holidays in 1972.  He was on a chartered plane delivering supplies to Nicaraguans after they were hit by an earthquake.  His body was never found.

He had 3,000 career base hits. A .317 career batting average.  He led MLB 4 times in season batting average.  He was the 1966 NL MVP. He won two World Series rings.  He was selected to 15 All Star games and an 11-time Gold Glove winner.  He was a great right fielder.

My favorite Clemente memory was one time at the Dome, he was on one knee in the on deck circle and a foul ball dribbled to him and he picked it up and threw it over his shoulder into the stands.  I had never seen a player do that before and I thought it was so cool. It is done all the time these days. 

In 2002, we visited PNC Park, one of the best MLB cribs in Commentary’s opinion.  Clemente has a statue there and the bridge that leads up to the ballpark is named after him.  Our hotel was a few blocks from PNC, and we walked across the bridge when we went to the games.  Cool.

Roberto Clemente wore the number 21.  Puerto Ricans Carlos Correa and Martin Maldonado will wear the 21 today for the Astros..

We finally won one last night and ended our losing streak.

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