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Two Realities

On a regular basis I run across retweets of Texas GOP elected officials campaigning and they are not wearing masks.  I run across tweets of Democratic elected officials campaigning and they are always wearing masks.  Our Democratic nominee for Vice President, Sen. Kamala Harris, got off her plane in Wisconsin and was wearing a mask.  We are definitely living in two realities hear in the US.  It’s like the GOP is trying to send a message that all is well.  That’s too bad.

I watched Gloria Borger’s two-hour piece on former Vice President Joe Biden on CNN last night. It was good and I recommend folks watch it.  It had warts and all as they say.  The warts being the plagiarism, the shabby treatment of Anita Hill, Hunter and other stuff.  Nice job.

I was watching Sen. Harris talk to supporters yesterday and she mentioned that her birthday was next month on October 20.  That is a day before Commentary’s birthday.  Cool.

She was also campaigning in sneakers. That was also cool.

I watched Donald Trump’s press conference yesterday and he was definitely flailing away.  He is like throwing everything and hoping something lands.

The Chron has a frontpage story today on Gov. Greg Abbott and why he hasn’t called a special session.  As far as Commentary is concerned, the damage has already been done and I don’t think a special session would resolve anything. The pandemic has become political.  It’s going to have to take a new occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to clean up the mess in Texas and throughout the country.

J.J. Watt was on the third hour of “Today” this morning.

8 weeks.  That’s all we have left.

Three weeks from tonight is the first debate.

The Rockets play tonight.

We lost our fifth in a row last night.  We have a doubleheader that starts at 5 pn today.  Both games are 7 inning affairs.  We are the home team for the opener.  Zack Greinke is on the mound and Alex Bregman is back in the lineup.

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