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Losing Another Great

It’s Labor Day but it doesn’t feel like it.  When it comes to the pandemic, we are not rounding the corner.

Commentary watched the interview with our vice-presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris on CNN yesterday.  The interview was conducted by Dana Bash.  I have come to the conclusion that Bash is the best interviewer on TV these days.  She is good.

Some outfit out of Austin called the Voter Participation Center sent a voter registration application to my Dad’s home.  Thanks, but everybody there is registered to vote.

I was at my Dad’s yesterday and I told him that Donald Trump thought he was a loser and sucker and too stupid to vote for Trump.  My Dad got a laugh out of that. My Dad’s a WWII vet and Latino.

If we learned anything in 2016 is it ain’t over until its over.  We have 57 days left until Election Day.  Early Voting in Person starts in 36 days.  Mail ballots hit in two and a half weeks or so.   Keep working on how you can get more voters engaged.  Don’t let up.

Wow!  We lost another Hall of Fame great yesterday.  Commentary is talking about Lou Brock. He had 3,023 career base hits. 938 stolen bases.  Tied for most career base steals in World Series play.  Two World Series rings. Not bad at all.

The Rockets are back on the court tomorrow night.

We got swept in Anaheim this past weekend.  We easily could have swept the four.  Commentary is not going to get all freaked out because if anything, it’s 2020. We got a lot of our players dinged up, but so do other teams.  The regular season is over in 20 days.  We are in Oakland for five starting this evening.

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