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It looks like the Harris County Clerk blinked on sending out mail ballot applications to all registered voters.  He now says he wants the courts to decide on this.  Sheesh. Sad to see this.

He had to know that the GOP types like Gov. Greg Abbott and AG Ken Paxton would react the way they did and take it to court.  I am sure the County’s lawyers advised him.  I am sure he also ran this by the Democrats on Commissioners Court.  Why blink now?

Unless the blinking was on purpose knowing he would always end up going to trial on this.  Disappointing. Oh, well.

The lead story in the today’s Chron is about Gov. Abbott considering loosening restrictions. We all know he will screw this up. Keep wearing your mask for sure.

Commentary has always been an admirer and fan of the Kennedys.  I have a 1980 “To Sail Against The Wind” poster of Sen. Ted Kennedy framed here at my place.  I supported him when he ran for President.  I was there at Madison Square Garden that year when he made one of the best ever convention speeches. Also hanging on my wall is a photo of me and Sen. Kennedy when he was in Texas back in the 1980s.

This morning I don’t feel bad that Cong. Joe Kennedy, III lost his bid yesterday for a U.S. Senate seat. Just don’t.

My Beatles lyric wall calendar for September has:

Blackbird singing

in the dead of night,

Take these broken wings

and learn to fly.

All your life,

You were only waiting

for this moment to arise.

From “Blackbird.”

The other calendar has the four in the TV studio before filming the “All You Need Is Love” broadcast in June of 1967. They are wearing the outfits they wore for the broadcast.

170 years-ago today, the fella was born who brought you the sporting goods company that makes the official NBA game basketball.  Commentary is talking about Al Spalding who is also in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Now you know.

I am wearing my Rockets T-shirt today.  Let’s hope they do it tonight in Game 7.

We should have won last night.  The dreaded extra innings.  It is another 7 pm start this evening.

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