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Convention Week

Commentary is looking forward to watching the Democratic National Convention this week.  I am interested to see how it is framed and what message we are sending to voters.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s and U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris’ speeches are the most anticipated.  We will see if there are any breakout speeches from the others.

Stace has a take on the lack of Latinos speaking at this week’s virtual gathering here: https://doscentavos.net/2020/08/17/the-noticeable-lack-of-latinos-at-the-dem-convention/.

Commentary saw some tweets from Texas Democrats griping about the lack of Texans speaking.

I put out my take on the speakers list last week. In case you missed it, here it is again:

Commentary is not going to get worked up on who does and doesn’t speak at the Democratic National Convention next week.  If they want to let GOP former governor John Kasich speak and Mike Bloomberg speak and they bring some of their friends over to vote for Joe Biden, have at it.  Once Joe Biden starts speaking Thursday evening, we will have forgotten who spoke before him.

Here is tonight’s line-up:  Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Rep. Jim Clyburn, Convention Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson, Rep. Gwen Moore, former Gov. John Kasich, Sen. Doug Jones, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Each evening will have an emcee and here they are: Eva Longoria, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Commentary is going to watch as much as I can.

The Post Office sent the Texas Secretary of State a letter on mail ballots and deadlines.  They said to play it safe, voters should mail in their ballots by Wednesday, October 28.  Election Day is November 3.

In Texas, the last day the County Clerk or Elections Administrator can receive a mail ballot application is Friday, October 23.  Think about the turnaround if an application arrives on deadline day.

This Donald Trump and GOP corrupt post office move will backfire.  It will energize our base.  Plus, we are better organized on a mail ballot campaign.

These are quotes I pulled from the Statesman from GOPers on the City of Austin cuts to their Police Department budget:

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: “Outrageous.  Only a Democrat would defund the police and raise taxes during a pandemic and an economic slow down. Outta (sic) be a law against it — watch this space.”

State Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, chairwoman of the Senate Finance Committee, wrote on Twitter: “I will vigorously oppose these short-sighted efforts to harm law enforcement and make our communities less safe — and will take action to ensure our next budget addresses this issue.”

State Rep. Lyle Larson, R-San Antonio, a moderate Republican, wrote on Twitter: “Politics and pandemics seem to embolden idiotic actions by a lot of politicians,” about the council decision.”

Land Commissioner George P. Bush: “This is reckless. It puts the lives of Texans at risk. We must stop these dangerous political games and stand with our men and women on the front lines.”

I am waiting on their quotes on gutting the Post Office.  Bozos.

The Astros are playing better.  We had a walk-off win yesterday. The Rockies are in town for a couple.

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Birther Stuff, Again

I would appreciate it if former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris would send a warning shot to the folks running the Post Office and anyone else in the federal government that if they win, they will prosecute and throw in jail folks using the federal government to steal the election.  Let them know that there are dire consequences to their criminal actions.

Hey, GOP!  Don’t shut down Donald Trump on the issue of Sen. Kamala Harris being eligible to run for Vice President because of her immigrant parents.  It is a vote loser for you guys.  Only the hardcore nut jobs that are already supporting you like this racist stuff.  Everyone else is turned off by wacko conspiracy theories.  Let Trump be Trump.  Keep this sh_t up.  It just excites our base. Thank you, kindly.

Gov. Greg Abbott is ready to send in the cavalry to help out Austin because the Austin City Council reduced the Police Department’s budget by $150 mil.  Abbott is a joke.  Normally, I would say something along the lines of go do your job and eliminate COVID-19 but he’s already proved inept in that department and has been a colossal failure.  What a tool.

Abbott said they are going to take up the issue in the next legislative session.  What are they going to do?  Pass legislation setting budget priorities for local governments.  Appropriate $150 million to the APD.  Sigh.

It must be nice to be able to go after a city after you have COVID-19 under control in your state.

I wonder what Gov. Abbott has to say about the Post Office situation.

Commentary is not going to get worked up on who does and doesn’t speak at the Democratic National Convention next week.  If they want to let GOP former governor John Kasich speak and Mike Bloomberg speak and they bring some of their friends over to vote for Joe Biden, have at it.  Once Joe Biden starts speaking Thursday evening, we will have forgotten who spoke before him.

The Mariners are in for the weekend.

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In Broad Daylight

Donald Trump certainly hasn’t been subtle in letting us know he and the GOP are trying to steal this election.  It is in broad daylight so to speak.  Trump’s admission yesterday that he is holding back funding to the post office so mail ballots cannot be processed is criminal pure and simple.

To GOP elected officials, leaders and rank and file.  You are part of a corrupt effort.  Your silence on this makes you just as crooked as Trump.

Here is the deal.  Millions of GOP and Democratic voters are going to be disenfranchised and we are all going to know who did it.  Unless, you have total buy in from postal employees, it is not going to be a precise surgical effort where only zip codes from Democratic communities are targeted.

Shame on all your crooked arses.

Commentary has said it before.  History will not be kind to the GOP of today.  Well deserved, crooks.

Commentary watched former Vice President Joe Biden introduce Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate yesterday.  They clicked.  They complimented each other. They looked like a winning combination.

An H-Town great left us yesterday. Commentary is talking about former UH football Coach Bill Yeoman.  He was 92.  He put UH football on the national map.  He recruited San Antonio Brackenridge High star Warren McVea, the first African American to play at UH.  He introduced the touchdown producing Veer offense.  He had teams that were in the national rankings.  He was one of the best.

25 years ago, today, Mickey Mantle left us.  He is my favorite baseball player of all time. 536 career dingers. 18 World Series dingers.  40 World Series RBIs.  20 All Star Games.  7 World Series rings.  3 AL MVP Awards.  A Triple Crown.

Zack Greinke pitched into the seventh inning last night and we won. Machete hit a three-run dinger.  Yordan Alvarez could soon be in the lineup.  We are 8-10.  We have today off.

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The Ticket

Commentary said this nine days ago:

Commentary hopes it is U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris.

Commentary said this yesterday:

The VP selection will be an African American.

Commentary said this a couple of days ago:

Any day now.  Commentary is talking about former Vice President Joe Biden announcing his running mate selection.   As in most cases, some news reporter or media outlet will break the news.  Who will break the news this week? NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Bloomberg, Politico or some other outlet?  It won’t be Fox News.  Individually, Andrea Mitchell from NBC News?  Will we hear the news for the first time directly from the Biden Campaign? I doubt it.

We heard it directly from the campaign.  Nobody got a scoop. How about that?

We finally got us a ticket. It is a winning ticket.  It is a historic ticket.

Was I surprised at the pick? Nope.  She is solid. She is formidable.  She is what is needed.

I watched Donald Trump’s reaction.  You could see the pettiness of the fella ooze out.  His pick four years ago was a staid white hair dude.  Biden’s was historic.  That’s why Trump called Sen. Harris “nasty.”  Trump also looked lethargic and listless.

Having an African American woman on the ticket is driving Trump bat sh_t crazy.  Expect racist rants from Trump for the next 80 plus days.

Here is a line from Erica Grieder’s column in today’s Chron:

Republicans, dyspeptic as they are about their party’s prospects in November, may think that Biden’s choice of Harris is nothing more than rank identity politics, but they should be aware that representation actually does matter.

Commentary has said before that I don’t know everything and I am always learning.  I had to look up dyspeptic.  It is of or having indigestion or consequent irritability or depression.  Now I know.  Did you know what it meant?  Not even Word’s Thesaurus could find it.

This is what Royko had to say about the Texas Democratic Party’s mail ballot program:

I thought that it was exactly what those who support “Cheat-by-mail” want? A ballot in every mailbox, where no one has to have Positive ID, and even if there are ballots greater than 100% of registered voters for the precincts. And, especially ballots sent to all those vacant lots in CD-18, and the UPS Store boxes. Then, even if the USPS loses half the ballots, and misdirects and delays 1/3 of the ballots, there will still be enough counted to win months after November 3rd.

Let’s see.  On March 3, 25,000 plus GOPers voted by mail in Harris County.  On March 3, 28,000 plus Democrats voted by mail in Harris County.  It sounds like Royko needs to learn how elections folks process mail ballots.  It is in the election code – from applications to counting the votes.  There are mechanisms in place to prevent fraud.  Take the time to learn how mail ballots are processed in Texas and other states instead of getting all your information from a pathological liar. Just saying.

Commentary gave up soft drinks for Lent and I have not gone back.  Years ago, I went the diet soft drink route but ditched it a few years ago.  I would rotate between Coca Cola, A&W Root Beer, Fanta Orange, Sunkist Orange, Dr. Pepper and sometimes Big Red.  I don’t understand the Dr. Pepper shortage thing.  What is going on?

Someone pointed out that the Big Ten and Pac-12 folks didn’t base their decision to cancel fall sports on science.  It was based on money.  Exposing student-athletes to the virus could cost them bigtime in lawsuits.

We are 7-10.  We should have won last night.  Commentary is not going to sweat it.

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African American Selection

Former Vice President Joe Biden wrapped up the nomination over four months ago.  He’s had plenty of time to pick a running mate.  We are now six days from the Democratic National Convention and still waiting for the announcement.

African American voters resurrected Biden’s campaign in the South Carolina primary.  We have had the BLM protests across the country.  We have had a number of prominent Africa American leaders and groups demand that Biden pick an African American woman.  We have had oppo dumps on some of the African American women under consideration.  We have had some folks question their ambition.  Then it was leaked that the Michigan governor was personally interviewed last week and that riled up African American Democratic leaders from Michigan.  At this point, anything other than an African American woman as Biden’s running mate would be a huge letdown.

Biden and his campaign have been in charge of the process and here is where the process is today.  Commentary doesn’t hang out in a cave and I keep the flat screen on the news most of the time these days.  I haven’t heard of a campaign for the VP pick for the non-African American contenders.  I am clearly hearing and witnessing a very public campaign for the African American women.

The VP selection will be an African American.  Anything else at this point would be like, well, you get the picture.

The Texas Democratic Party sent out over 800 thousand mail ballots yesterday to 65 and older voters.  I got a call yesterday from a voter who got the application yesterday.  She and her husband recently voted by mail in last month’s primary runoff.  Her and her husband earlier this year submitted the annual vote by mail application.  She wanted to know if she should sign the TDP’s application and send it in.  I told her it wasn’t necessary and that she would be getting her general election mail ballot next month.

I sure hope the TDP made sure to remove from their mailing list those that are already getting mail ballots.  Oh, well.

The Harris County Clerk is putting out a call for election workers.  I went online to check it out and to see what they are paying.  I could not find the pay info.  They need to put that info out there.  Heck, they need to pay $20 or $25 per hour.  The County is pretty good about spending money during the pandemic.  $20 to $25 an hour will certainly get folks interested.  I am sure a lot of folks out there are looking for work.

Last week, Lance McCullers, Jr. pitched three great innings and then got shellacked.  Last night, he had a no-no going into the seventh and ended up pitching seven scoreless innings.

We won and are now 7-9 and like I said yesterday, I am not going to sweat it.

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Veep Week

Any day now.  Commentary is talking about former Vice President Joe Biden announcing his running mate selection.   As in most cases, some news reporter or media outlet will break the news.  Who will break the news this week? NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Bloomberg, Politico or some other outlet?  It won’t be Fox News.  Individually, Andrea Mitchell from NBC News?  Will we hear the news for the first time directly from the Biden Campaign? I doubt it.

The college football season may not happen this fall.  Someone tweeted yesterday to blame the GOP for opening up to soon.  I, agree.  This is the #TrumpVirus or the #GOPVirus.   They own 5 million infections.

In case you are wondering, the 5 million infections are nearly three times more infections than the European Union and the United Kingdom combined.  Let that sink in.

I was watching Fox 26’s “What’s Your Point” yesterday and host Greg Groogan interviewed U.S. Cong. Dan Crenshaw which kind of was a lengthy infomercial.  Greg mentioned that @SimaForTX was Crenshaw’s Democratic opponent.

Yesterday, State Rep. Gene Wu mentioned the interview and tweeted why #SimaForTX wasn’t interviewed. I retweeted and agreed with Rep. Wu’s tweet and included Greg in the retweet.

Greg tweeted back that @SimaForTX had been invited to be interviewed but had declined and would appear next Sunday.  I replied, cool.

Some folks liked Greg’s reply.  Some conservative called Rep. Wu and me clowns for not having our facts straight.

I replied to the conservative that I must have missed the part where Greg said @SimaForTx would be on next week.  I guess I also missed the part of the show where Greg said she had been invited to appear but declined.

Rice University political scientist Mark Jones also liked Greg’s reply.  Just saying.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was bike riding this past weekend without a helmet. Sigh.

I watched Collin Morikawa win the PGA Championship yesterday.  He made a couple of great shots down the stretch.  He deserved the win.  I was rooting for Tiger, but he missed some makeable putts on Friday and faded on Saturday.  He had a three under round yesterday.

Brooks Koepka is a good golfer and talks a lot of smack.  He said before the tournament that he would be in contention heading into Sunday.  He also took a shot at fellow PGA tour player Dustin Johnson.  Koepka was in it heading into Sunday but shot a four over round yesterday.  Keep talking smack.

I watched the bench clearing scuffle yesterday.  Nobody got hurt as is usually the case.  They violated social distancing protocols for sure. The Astros got under the skin of Ramon Laureano, pure and simple.  Expect some fines and suspensions.  I don’t have no problem with this as long as MLB also slaps a penalty on the A’s coach who pulled a Heil Hitler move last week.

We got swept by the A’s. We are 6-9. We are at home this evening for three against the Giants.   Commentary is not going to sweat it.

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The Locals

I read in the paper today that on this day in 1989, a plane carrying my good friend Cong. Mickey Leland and 14 others disappeared over Ethiopia.  The wreckage with no survivors was found six days later.  A photo of Mickey and me hangs on my wall next to my desk.  Sad.

Donald Trump said yesterday that former Vice President Joe Biden would “hurt the Bible, hurt God. He’s against God.”  Biden is one of those that can recite “The Act of Contrition.”  Just saying.

The Kanye fella admits his effort is designed to draw votes away from Joe Biden.  Commentary will say it again.  The pandemic will drive this election.  Not many voters will think Kanye can handle the pandemic.

When it came to demonstrating leadership in a crisis, Gov. Greg Abbott choked pure and simple.  I can’t understand why he doesn’t allow the local elected officials to make the call on how and when to resume opening the schools.  I certainly don’t want to go down the path that he is somewhat insecure and doesn’t want local officials to look better than him on taking decisive action.  I certainly don’t want to think that he doesn’t want to give authority over the largest county in the state to a 29-year old Latina just because she is a 29-year old Latina.  This is perplexing.  Here is from today’s Trib:

Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott moved to block local health authorities from shutting down classrooms before the school year has started. Since then, he has repeatedly said he is trusting local school leaders to decide whether and how to bring students back to classrooms this fall.

Those actions have left local officials confused about the limitations of their authority as the debate over reopening schools in the state continues. Abbott’s decision to curb the role of local health authorities has added to the ongoing conflict between the governor and local governments during the pandemic, with mayors and judges across the state voicing frustration over having their hands tied by the state’s response.

Here is the entire Trib article: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/08/07/texas-schools-reopening-coronavirus/.

Doesn’t he know we are all in this together?  Gov. Abbott is hurting us big time.  Texas would be in a better place today if Gov. Abbott had not limited the authority of local elected officials.  Don’t argue with me on this – don’t be stupid.

Tiger had a 2-under round yesterday.  He is in it.

Closer Ryan Pressly blew a save opportunity last night.  He melted down without registering an out.  We are in Oakland this weekend.

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Pandemic Voters

This once in a lifetime pandemic has completely changed our lives.  There is no need for me to waste time listing things that have been dramatically altered.  Commentary is flabbergasted at the response to the pandemic by the GOP and most of its elected leaders.  They are on their way to a severe ass whupping  up and down the ballot this November and they still won’t act in a responsible manner.

They could assist state and local governments, extend the $600 unemployment benefit, fund mail ballots and expand testing which would cut their electoral losses.  It is baffling that they continue on their current path.

Are they hoping for an October surprise like a miracle cure?  Surely it is not blind loyalty to Donald Trump.

Commentary has not talked to a GOP political consultant lately, but what are they thinking?  What is your strategy?

The top issue for voters is the handling the pandemic.  I don’t see this changing at all once voting begins next month.

On a side note, Commentary thinks Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz doesn’t give a rat’s arse what happens in November.  He’s running for president in 2024.  That is all that matters to him.

Commentary spent yesterday at my Dad’s and we watched “A Few Good Men.” Cuba Gooding, Jr. has a small role in the flick.  He plays a marine who is a witness and is questioned by Tom Cruise’s character.  That was four years before “show me the money!”

Commentary will keep an eye on the PGA Championship today.  You know I will be rooting for Tiger to win his 16th major.

That sure was ugly last night.  Commentary is talking about Lance McCullers, Jr. meltdown in the fourth inning.  What happened?

They wrap up the series in Phoenix this evening.

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On Astros

From BusinessInsider.com:

The United States Postal Service is strongly encouraging voters to request their mail-in ballots for the November 3 general election at least 15 days in advance, if not more, due to the significant expected increase in mail voting. 

“We recommend that jurisdictions immediately communicate and advise voters to request ballots at the earliest point allowable but no later than 15 days prior to election date,” the Postal Service told Fox News in a statement.

Pay attention.

The Harris County Clerk sent this out yesterday:

Houston, TX) –– Today, Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins announced the creation of the S.A.F.E. Elections Medical Advisory Committee (SEMAC) to advise on measures that the Harris County Clerk’s Office can take to ensure that voting remains safe throughout the November General Election. SEMAC is composed of eight leading Houston-area doctors, health care experts, and infectious disease specialists. In addition to improving upon the safety measures put in place through the S.A.F.E. Elections Plan for the July Primary Runoff Election, SEMAC will provide additional recommendations to protect voters and election workers at voting centers. Additionally, SEMAC will provide guidance to voters to make their own health determinations in assessing whether they are eligible to vote by mail this November.

“My number one priority is to keep Harris County residents safe while we work together to curb the spread of COVID-19,” said Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins. “The S.A.F.E. Elections Medical Advisory Committee will help us to ensure that even more safety measures than we had at voting centers this July will be in place this November to further protect those exercising their right to vote. We know that voting by mail is the safest method to vote during this pandemic, and it is my duty to inform voters about every available option they have to vote. Based on the Committee’s recommendations, we will encourage all Harris County residents to assess their own health status to decide if they are eligible to vote by mail.”

S.A.F.E. Elections Medical Advisory Committee Members

  • Expert Medical Advisor & Clinical Research Operations Consultant
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industry
  • Emeritus Professor of Pathology-Immunology, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Assistant Professor, Section of Pediatric Gastroenterology
  • Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine
  1. ELENA M. MARKS, J.D., M.P.H
  • President & CEO, Episcopal Health Foundation
  • Non-resident Fellow in Health Policy, Rice University’s Baker Institute
  • Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine
  • Professor of Molecular Virology and Microbiology, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Infectious Disease Section, VA Medical Center, Houston
  • Executive Director, Clinical Transformation
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery,UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Non-Residential Scholar, Baker Institute for Public Policy
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Professor, Radiation Oncology, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Interim Physician-in-Chief and Pathologist-in-Chief, Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Professor of Pathology & Immunology, Baylor College of Medicine

I am guessing at least one of the eight is a Latino or Latina.  I can’t tell because I am not sure the last name is a Spanish surname.  Feel free to let Commentary know.

The GOP is working with Kanye to get him on some state ballots.  Whatever.

Commentary tries to stay at my place. I order online and pickup curbside when I can.  When that won’t work out, I have to go out.  When I am out, I play defense and I watch if folks are going to get near me.  I check the aisles. Maybe you get the picture.

In the evenings, I just stay at home.  Now I have Astros to watch instead of CNN. I really have not had time to pay attention to the rest of MLB other than the news about the teams who are testing positive.

I know we are 6-4 and our hitting is pretty good.  Starting pitcher Cristian Javier put in another good outing last night.  I know all but one of our relievers is a rookie.  It looks like the Roberto Osuna era in H-Town is coming to an end. Starters Zack Greinke, Lance McCullers, Jr., Javier and Framber Valdez have to be solid.  I don’t know about Josh James.

I said our hitting is pretty good and we are still waiting for Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and #SpringerDinger to fire up.

I worry about injuries and testing positive.   We still have 50 games on the schedule.

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Happy Birthday President Obama!

The H-Town Mayor says citations will be issued if you are not wearing a face mask when you are supposed to.  I don’t have a problem with that since I wear one.

Commentary has mentioned before that I grew up right across the creek from Baytown’s Robert E. Lee High School.  You can see the school from my Dad’s front yard right across Goose Creek.  I didn’t attend because when I was ready to begin high school, the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District opened Ross Sterling High School and allowed non-Sterling zoned student to attend if they could secure their own transportation.

My brother and I and a few friends decided to go to Sterling in part because it was an opportunity to attend a brand-new high school and different experience.  My older and younger sisters went to Lee.

Baytown is now having a discussion on whether or not to ditch the Robert E. Lee name.  Midland and Tyler recently decided to change their Robert E. Lee school names.  I suspect Baytown will follow suit.

Lee High School’s mascot is the Gander.  Not because a Gander gallantly fought in the Civil War.  It is a Goose Creek thing.  A gander is a male goose.

Back in my day, the our high school yearbook or annual was called the “Governor” because Ross Sterling was once Governor of Texas.  Lee’s yearbook was called the “Traveler.”  Care to guess why it was called “Traveler?” Traveller with two ls was the name of General Robert E. Lee’s horse during the Civil War.

Now you know.

I have no idea what both high schools call their yearbooks these days.  Heck, I don’t even know if they still do yearbooks.

The Chron had this on Page A-3 in Sunday’s hard copy:

To our readers,

Within our newsroom, the death of former Houston resident George Floyd and the resulting protest movement for racial justice has been a big story. But it is also more.

The calls for action revived discussions among Chronicle staffers, including many journalists of color who told us they felt disconnected from the processes of hiring, promotion and story discussions. That’s not the type of climate we want in our newsroom, so we’ve set out to do better.

First, a little background: In journalism, as in some other industries, workplaces have struggled to hire and retain journalists of color. At the Chronicle, we generally have fared better than the industry average; roughly 34 percent of our journalists are Black, Hispanic, Asian or identify with more than one race, compared to 22 percent in the most recent national survey we could find.

About 24 percent of our supervisors are people of color, again slightly better than average.

Our newsroom is less than half female, 44 percent. Among supervisors, 37 percent are women. Clearly, that’s not a proper representation of women.

And in Houston, a majority-minority community, we do not have enough journalists of color on our staff. We strive to look like the communities we cover, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it would improve our journalism.

When we have a newsroom that looks like Houston, our coverage is more likely to look like Houston. The discussions about stories will be more lively – and more likely to produce journalism that is relevant to as many readers as possible.

So, you might ask, what will we do?

We will work on hiring and retaining the best journalists we can find, with a new emphasis on finding more people of color and more women. When we find them, we will work to put them into positions where they can succeed and advance. And we will review our pay structure to make certain they are compensated fairly.

We will institute policies to ensure that our reporters, photographers and editors are looking for – and finding – sources that represent the rich mix of diversity in our city and region. And we will audit how we’re doing at that.

This is typical of discussions that have been occurring within newsrooms around the country this summer. Many of them have been more highly publicized, but we wanted you to know what we’re trying to accomplish at the Chronicle.

It’s your newspaper, and you have a stake in the staff — and how that staff assembles our news report, both in print and online at houstonchronicle.com. We’ll have more to say about that in coming weeks.

As always, I thank you for subscribing, and for reading.

Steve Riley

Executive Editor

Commentary forgot to mention that we won Sunday despite an Albert Pujols grand salami off of our Josh James.

We are in Phoenix this evening.

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