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Powerful Images

H-Town didn’t get Laura.  That’s the way it goes.  My Dad’s eye exam had to be rescheduled and my newspaper got delivered right before 9 am.  That was it.

Hope the folks that got hit will recover soon.

Our Vice President nominee Sen. Kamala Harris will give a prebuttal speech today.

Commentary has to hand to the folks who are running the Donald Trump convention.  They know that Trump is on the wrong side on the racial injustice issue.  They know they face getting routed in record numbers among African American voters.  That’s why they’ve gone out and had every African American who has ever voted for a GOPer speak at Trump’s convention.

The NBA is on pause.  The WNBA, MLS and some in MLB paused.  They have had enough.   Listening to former Rocket Robert Horry pretty much said it all.  The WNBA players who wore those T-Shirts yesterday with the seven bullet holes on the back was as powerful an image as you can get.

You watch the video of Jacob Blake getting shot in the back seven times and you ask why did the cops have their guns drawn in the first place?  Absolutely senseless.

Trump and his folks would love the protests and the racial justice issue to go away.  That’s for sure.

Same thing with COVID-19.  It barely gets a mention at Trump’s convention.  They don’t wear masks or social distance.  Now they revise testing guidelines that scares the sh_t out of the scientists.

Trump and his folks wish we were in the pre-COVID-19, pre-George Floyd days.

That’s not how it works.

Like I said yesterday, let’s spend our time preparing to vote their lousy arses out of office.

Tiger will tee it up today in the BMW.

We have the day off.

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