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The past Saturday evening, a neighbor on my street hosted a lawn concert in their driveway.  It lasted a couple of hours or so.  There were live performers.  Maybe about 60 or so folks showed up.  Adults and kiddos.  Those without masks way outnumbered those with.  There were adult beverages.  Folks weren’t six feet apart.  I didn’t see anyone with those head thermometer gizmos going around and checking temperatures.  Nobody was administering those instant COVID-19 tests either.

Did I miss something even though I have the flat screen on CNN, watch Channel 2 News early in the morning, read the Chron and monitor twitter.  Did the virus magically disappear?  One would think the way some of the folks were going about at the lawn concert that all is well.

When I have to go out, I wear a mask, keep my distance and use my hand sanitizer after I touch something.  You never know.  I did step outside my door Saturday evening and checked out what was going on, but I did not participate or go near anyone.

Who knows if anyone had the virus Saturday evening? Who knows if there was any spread?  I do know that if folks keep up with this type of behavior, the pandemic is going to be staying around for a while.

It is pretty obvious to Commentary and a whole lot of other folks.  The GOP has acquiesced to corruption.  They would rather choke the USPS to death just to try to win this election.  They’d let their seniors go without their meds and other vital needs in order not to piss off Donald Trump.

Donald Trump will have his convention starting this evening.  The GOP has been invited to attend and participate.  Don’t argue with me.  Trump decided there will be no platform.  The platform are his tweets.

I found it interesting that the GOP Governors from Florida, Georgia and Texas – states that fuc_ed up handling the virus – are not scheduled to speak at Trump’s convention.  That may change.

I will be watching.

Remember when Trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and nobody would give a rat’s arse. We all know he meant it figuratively.  We all remember the “Access Hollywood” tapes.  We have seen folks who worked closely with Trump describe him as a piece of sh_t.  Same thing with his niece.  Same thing with his older sister on the recently released tape recording.  Trump’s base doesn’t give a rat’s arse about any of this.

Kellyanne Conway said yesterday she is stepping away from being a public liar.  Her and her lying arse can go to hell.

Speaking of bozos, I wonder what the three GOP bozos – Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen – have to say about the latest shooting in Wisconsin.  Where is their moral authority?

There was a front-page story in yesterday’s Chron about task forces and other groups the H-Town Mayor appoints and doesn’t take a lot of their recommendations.  Oh, well.  Maybe it will be the end of H-Town Mayoral task forces in the future.  I wonder if the Mayor has the record for most task forces and such ever appointed by any H-Town Mayor?

This is from a Chron story yesterday on H-Town Downtown being dead these days:

While some white-collar workers have trickled back to their jobs, the office population has plunged to less than 10 percent of pre-pandemic levels, according to a survey by Central Houston, a downtown business group.


Just over ten years ago, on May 28, 2010, the Chron E-Board said the following from one of their takes:

The election administrator system has worked well in other Texas counties, and we would like to see it considered for Harris County at some point in the future.

However, to do so before the next county clerk and tax assessor take office and can participate in the debate would smack of the kind of Commissioners Court manipulation we’ve seen too much of in the past.

This time, the voters should be allowed to make their choices before the court parcels out the responsibilities of those being elected to yet another appointee.

Here is the entire take from 2010: https://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Bad-timing-Redistributing-Harris-County-election-1714542.php?utm_campaign=premiumchron&utm_source=sitesearch&utm_medium=result.

It is a different E-Board these days.

We had a bad weekend in San Diego.  We are back at The Yard this evening as we host the Angels.

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