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Virtual Is Cool

Commentary has enjoyed the first two evenings of the Democratic National Convention.  What I thought was going to be a boring roll call turned out to be pretty cool.

Why do we have to have in person conventions anyway?  Think of the money delegates could save by not traveling across the country.  We would not have to have special interests serving as sponsors and hosting the parties and breakfasts.

Here is part of tonight’s line-up: Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Gov. Tony Evers, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Former President Barack Obama and Sen. Kamala Harris.

Sen. Ted Cruz put out a tweet about Sen. Warren being the next Treasury Secretary.  I don’t  think she would be using government jets for her personal use.  I don’t think she would pose with sheets of newly minted currency. More importantly, I don’t think she would give up a senate seat that a GOP governor would fill, Teddy Boy.

The COVID-19 crisis in Texas has exposed Gov. Greg Abbott as a dithering, inept two-bit fraud.  Commentary is not going to say much about his half-baked threats to local governments who make law enforcement budgetary decisions that best serve their communities.

Donald Trump says that if he loses the election, it will be because the election was rigged.  GOPers like Abbott stay silent on this.  Abbott and other GOPer’s silence contribute to the denigration of our democracy.   Ditto on hijacking the post office.

The Rockets won last night.

It was kind of weird yesterday when the ballgame on the flat screen went to the Spanish language announcers. It stayed that way for an inning or so.

The Astros are 13-10.  Six wins in a row.  We are in Denver for two.

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