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Birther Stuff, Again

I would appreciate it if former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris would send a warning shot to the folks running the Post Office and anyone else in the federal government that if they win, they will prosecute and throw in jail folks using the federal government to steal the election.  Let them know that there are dire consequences to their criminal actions.

Hey, GOP!  Don’t shut down Donald Trump on the issue of Sen. Kamala Harris being eligible to run for Vice President because of her immigrant parents.  It is a vote loser for you guys.  Only the hardcore nut jobs that are already supporting you like this racist stuff.  Everyone else is turned off by wacko conspiracy theories.  Let Trump be Trump.  Keep this sh_t up.  It just excites our base. Thank you, kindly.

Gov. Greg Abbott is ready to send in the cavalry to help out Austin because the Austin City Council reduced the Police Department’s budget by $150 mil.  Abbott is a joke.  Normally, I would say something along the lines of go do your job and eliminate COVID-19 but he’s already proved inept in that department and has been a colossal failure.  What a tool.

Abbott said they are going to take up the issue in the next legislative session.  What are they going to do?  Pass legislation setting budget priorities for local governments.  Appropriate $150 million to the APD.  Sigh.

It must be nice to be able to go after a city after you have COVID-19 under control in your state.

I wonder what Gov. Abbott has to say about the Post Office situation.

Commentary is not going to get worked up on who does and doesn’t speak at the Democratic National Convention next week.  If they want to let GOP former governor John Kasich speak and Mike Bloomberg speak and they bring some of their friends over to vote for Joe Biden, have at it.  Once Joe Biden starts speaking Thursday evening, we will have forgotten who spoke before him.

The Mariners are in for the weekend.

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