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In Broad Daylight

Donald Trump certainly hasn’t been subtle in letting us know he and the GOP are trying to steal this election.  It is in broad daylight so to speak.  Trump’s admission yesterday that he is holding back funding to the post office so mail ballots cannot be processed is criminal pure and simple.

To GOP elected officials, leaders and rank and file.  You are part of a corrupt effort.  Your silence on this makes you just as crooked as Trump.

Here is the deal.  Millions of GOP and Democratic voters are going to be disenfranchised and we are all going to know who did it.  Unless, you have total buy in from postal employees, it is not going to be a precise surgical effort where only zip codes from Democratic communities are targeted.

Shame on all your crooked arses.

Commentary has said it before.  History will not be kind to the GOP of today.  Well deserved, crooks.

Commentary watched former Vice President Joe Biden introduce Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate yesterday.  They clicked.  They complimented each other. They looked like a winning combination.

An H-Town great left us yesterday. Commentary is talking about former UH football Coach Bill Yeoman.  He was 92.  He put UH football on the national map.  He recruited San Antonio Brackenridge High star Warren McVea, the first African American to play at UH.  He introduced the touchdown producing Veer offense.  He had teams that were in the national rankings.  He was one of the best.

25 years ago, today, Mickey Mantle left us.  He is my favorite baseball player of all time. 536 career dingers. 18 World Series dingers.  40 World Series RBIs.  20 All Star Games.  7 World Series rings.  3 AL MVP Awards.  A Triple Crown.

Zack Greinke pitched into the seventh inning last night and we won. Machete hit a three-run dinger.  Yordan Alvarez could soon be in the lineup.  We are 8-10.  We have today off.

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