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The Ticket

Commentary said this nine days ago:

Commentary hopes it is U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris.

Commentary said this yesterday:

The VP selection will be an African American.

Commentary said this a couple of days ago:

Any day now.  Commentary is talking about former Vice President Joe Biden announcing his running mate selection.   As in most cases, some news reporter or media outlet will break the news.  Who will break the news this week? NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Bloomberg, Politico or some other outlet?  It won’t be Fox News.  Individually, Andrea Mitchell from NBC News?  Will we hear the news for the first time directly from the Biden Campaign? I doubt it.

We heard it directly from the campaign.  Nobody got a scoop. How about that?

We finally got us a ticket. It is a winning ticket.  It is a historic ticket.

Was I surprised at the pick? Nope.  She is solid. She is formidable.  She is what is needed.

I watched Donald Trump’s reaction.  You could see the pettiness of the fella ooze out.  His pick four years ago was a staid white hair dude.  Biden’s was historic.  That’s why Trump called Sen. Harris “nasty.”  Trump also looked lethargic and listless.

Having an African American woman on the ticket is driving Trump bat sh_t crazy.  Expect racist rants from Trump for the next 80 plus days.

Here is a line from Erica Grieder’s column in today’s Chron:

Republicans, dyspeptic as they are about their party’s prospects in November, may think that Biden’s choice of Harris is nothing more than rank identity politics, but they should be aware that representation actually does matter.

Commentary has said before that I don’t know everything and I am always learning.  I had to look up dyspeptic.  It is of or having indigestion or consequent irritability or depression.  Now I know.  Did you know what it meant?  Not even Word’s Thesaurus could find it.

This is what Royko had to say about the Texas Democratic Party’s mail ballot program:

I thought that it was exactly what those who support “Cheat-by-mail” want? A ballot in every mailbox, where no one has to have Positive ID, and even if there are ballots greater than 100% of registered voters for the precincts. And, especially ballots sent to all those vacant lots in CD-18, and the UPS Store boxes. Then, even if the USPS loses half the ballots, and misdirects and delays 1/3 of the ballots, there will still be enough counted to win months after November 3rd.

Let’s see.  On March 3, 25,000 plus GOPers voted by mail in Harris County.  On March 3, 28,000 plus Democrats voted by mail in Harris County.  It sounds like Royko needs to learn how elections folks process mail ballots.  It is in the election code – from applications to counting the votes.  There are mechanisms in place to prevent fraud.  Take the time to learn how mail ballots are processed in Texas and other states instead of getting all your information from a pathological liar. Just saying.

Commentary gave up soft drinks for Lent and I have not gone back.  Years ago, I went the diet soft drink route but ditched it a few years ago.  I would rotate between Coca Cola, A&W Root Beer, Fanta Orange, Sunkist Orange, Dr. Pepper and sometimes Big Red.  I don’t understand the Dr. Pepper shortage thing.  What is going on?

Someone pointed out that the Big Ten and Pac-12 folks didn’t base their decision to cancel fall sports on science.  It was based on money.  Exposing student-athletes to the virus could cost them bigtime in lawsuits.

We are 7-10.  We should have won last night.  Commentary is not going to sweat it.

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