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African American Selection

Former Vice President Joe Biden wrapped up the nomination over four months ago.  He’s had plenty of time to pick a running mate.  We are now six days from the Democratic National Convention and still waiting for the announcement.

African American voters resurrected Biden’s campaign in the South Carolina primary.  We have had the BLM protests across the country.  We have had a number of prominent Africa American leaders and groups demand that Biden pick an African American woman.  We have had oppo dumps on some of the African American women under consideration.  We have had some folks question their ambition.  Then it was leaked that the Michigan governor was personally interviewed last week and that riled up African American Democratic leaders from Michigan.  At this point, anything other than an African American woman as Biden’s running mate would be a huge letdown.

Biden and his campaign have been in charge of the process and here is where the process is today.  Commentary doesn’t hang out in a cave and I keep the flat screen on the news most of the time these days.  I haven’t heard of a campaign for the VP pick for the non-African American contenders.  I am clearly hearing and witnessing a very public campaign for the African American women.

The VP selection will be an African American.  Anything else at this point would be like, well, you get the picture.

The Texas Democratic Party sent out over 800 thousand mail ballots yesterday to 65 and older voters.  I got a call yesterday from a voter who got the application yesterday.  She and her husband recently voted by mail in last month’s primary runoff.  Her and her husband earlier this year submitted the annual vote by mail application.  She wanted to know if she should sign the TDP’s application and send it in.  I told her it wasn’t necessary and that she would be getting her general election mail ballot next month.

I sure hope the TDP made sure to remove from their mailing list those that are already getting mail ballots.  Oh, well.

The Harris County Clerk is putting out a call for election workers.  I went online to check it out and to see what they are paying.  I could not find the pay info.  They need to put that info out there.  Heck, they need to pay $20 or $25 per hour.  The County is pretty good about spending money during the pandemic.  $20 to $25 an hour will certainly get folks interested.  I am sure a lot of folks out there are looking for work.

Last week, Lance McCullers, Jr. pitched three great innings and then got shellacked.  Last night, he had a no-no going into the seventh and ended up pitching seven scoreless innings.

We won and are now 7-9 and like I said yesterday, I am not going to sweat it.

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