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Veep Week

Any day now.  Commentary is talking about former Vice President Joe Biden announcing his running mate selection.   As in most cases, some news reporter or media outlet will break the news.  Who will break the news this week? NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Bloomberg, Politico or some other outlet?  It won’t be Fox News.  Individually, Andrea Mitchell from NBC News?  Will we hear the news for the first time directly from the Biden Campaign? I doubt it.

The college football season may not happen this fall.  Someone tweeted yesterday to blame the GOP for opening up to soon.  I, agree.  This is the #TrumpVirus or the #GOPVirus.   They own 5 million infections.

In case you are wondering, the 5 million infections are nearly three times more infections than the European Union and the United Kingdom combined.  Let that sink in.

I was watching Fox 26’s “What’s Your Point” yesterday and host Greg Groogan interviewed U.S. Cong. Dan Crenshaw which kind of was a lengthy infomercial.  Greg mentioned that @SimaForTX was Crenshaw’s Democratic opponent.

Yesterday, State Rep. Gene Wu mentioned the interview and tweeted why #SimaForTX wasn’t interviewed. I retweeted and agreed with Rep. Wu’s tweet and included Greg in the retweet.

Greg tweeted back that @SimaForTX had been invited to be interviewed but had declined and would appear next Sunday.  I replied, cool.

Some folks liked Greg’s reply.  Some conservative called Rep. Wu and me clowns for not having our facts straight.

I replied to the conservative that I must have missed the part where Greg said @SimaForTx would be on next week.  I guess I also missed the part of the show where Greg said she had been invited to appear but declined.

Rice University political scientist Mark Jones also liked Greg’s reply.  Just saying.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was bike riding this past weekend without a helmet. Sigh.

I watched Collin Morikawa win the PGA Championship yesterday.  He made a couple of great shots down the stretch.  He deserved the win.  I was rooting for Tiger, but he missed some makeable putts on Friday and faded on Saturday.  He had a three under round yesterday.

Brooks Koepka is a good golfer and talks a lot of smack.  He said before the tournament that he would be in contention heading into Sunday.  He also took a shot at fellow PGA tour player Dustin Johnson.  Koepka was in it heading into Sunday but shot a four over round yesterday.  Keep talking smack.

I watched the bench clearing scuffle yesterday.  Nobody got hurt as is usually the case.  They violated social distancing protocols for sure. The Astros got under the skin of Ramon Laureano, pure and simple.  Expect some fines and suspensions.  I don’t have no problem with this as long as MLB also slaps a penalty on the A’s coach who pulled a Heil Hitler move last week.

We got swept by the A’s. We are 6-9. We are at home this evening for three against the Giants.   Commentary is not going to sweat it.

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