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The Locals

I read in the paper today that on this day in 1989, a plane carrying my good friend Cong. Mickey Leland and 14 others disappeared over Ethiopia.  The wreckage with no survivors was found six days later.  A photo of Mickey and me hangs on my wall next to my desk.  Sad.

Donald Trump said yesterday that former Vice President Joe Biden would “hurt the Bible, hurt God. He’s against God.”  Biden is one of those that can recite “The Act of Contrition.”  Just saying.

The Kanye fella admits his effort is designed to draw votes away from Joe Biden.  Commentary will say it again.  The pandemic will drive this election.  Not many voters will think Kanye can handle the pandemic.

When it came to demonstrating leadership in a crisis, Gov. Greg Abbott choked pure and simple.  I can’t understand why he doesn’t allow the local elected officials to make the call on how and when to resume opening the schools.  I certainly don’t want to go down the path that he is somewhat insecure and doesn’t want local officials to look better than him on taking decisive action.  I certainly don’t want to think that he doesn’t want to give authority over the largest county in the state to a 29-year old Latina just because she is a 29-year old Latina.  This is perplexing.  Here is from today’s Trib:

Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott moved to block local health authorities from shutting down classrooms before the school year has started. Since then, he has repeatedly said he is trusting local school leaders to decide whether and how to bring students back to classrooms this fall.

Those actions have left local officials confused about the limitations of their authority as the debate over reopening schools in the state continues. Abbott’s decision to curb the role of local health authorities has added to the ongoing conflict between the governor and local governments during the pandemic, with mayors and judges across the state voicing frustration over having their hands tied by the state’s response.

Here is the entire Trib article: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/08/07/texas-schools-reopening-coronavirus/.

Doesn’t he know we are all in this together?  Gov. Abbott is hurting us big time.  Texas would be in a better place today if Gov. Abbott had not limited the authority of local elected officials.  Don’t argue with me on this – don’t be stupid.

Tiger had a 2-under round yesterday.  He is in it.

Closer Ryan Pressly blew a save opportunity last night.  He melted down without registering an out.  We are in Oakland this weekend.

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