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Pandemic Voters

This once in a lifetime pandemic has completely changed our lives.  There is no need for me to waste time listing things that have been dramatically altered.  Commentary is flabbergasted at the response to the pandemic by the GOP and most of its elected leaders.  They are on their way to a severe ass whupping  up and down the ballot this November and they still won’t act in a responsible manner.

They could assist state and local governments, extend the $600 unemployment benefit, fund mail ballots and expand testing which would cut their electoral losses.  It is baffling that they continue on their current path.

Are they hoping for an October surprise like a miracle cure?  Surely it is not blind loyalty to Donald Trump.

Commentary has not talked to a GOP political consultant lately, but what are they thinking?  What is your strategy?

The top issue for voters is the handling the pandemic.  I don’t see this changing at all once voting begins next month.

On a side note, Commentary thinks Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz doesn’t give a rat’s arse what happens in November.  He’s running for president in 2024.  That is all that matters to him.

Commentary spent yesterday at my Dad’s and we watched “A Few Good Men.” Cuba Gooding, Jr. has a small role in the flick.  He plays a marine who is a witness and is questioned by Tom Cruise’s character.  That was four years before “show me the money!”

Commentary will keep an eye on the PGA Championship today.  You know I will be rooting for Tiger to win his 16th major.

That sure was ugly last night.  Commentary is talking about Lance McCullers, Jr. meltdown in the fourth inning.  What happened?

They wrap up the series in Phoenix this evening.

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