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Former President Barack Obama gave the eulogy Cong. John Lewis wanted at his funeral.  For anyone to criticize it as being too political or partisan you don’t know what you are talking about and I don’t care.

The framing and organization of President Obama’s eulogy was near perfect.  He knew who he was talking about.  He knew who he was talking to.  He knew what needed to be said less than 100 days before the election.

Nice job, Mr. President.

COVID-19 took former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.  I wonder what his eulogy will look like.

Donald Trump’s briefings should be rambles.  That’s all he does.

I wonder if the local, state and national Democratic Parties are keeping their eyes on postal operations these days?  It was pretty disturbing to hear President Obama mention on national TV the undermining of USPS operations.  Today, the Washington Post has a story on postal operations.

Texas should pass New York today for third place on the COVID-19 infections list.  Nice job, Gov. Greg Abbott.

The hard copy of the Chron’s Friday Preview section has a nice story on Hal David’s and Burt Bacharach’s “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” and the tune’s singer, B.J. Thomas.  David is no longer with us.

The tune came out 51 years ago and won Best Song Oscar for the “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” flick.  The tune is played when Butch (Paul Newman) and Etta (Katharine Ross) ride bicycles.  The tune is listed at #23 in the American Film Institute’s Top 100 movie tunes.

B.J. Thomas grew up in Fort Bend County.

Now you know.

The WNBA got going a couple of days ago, the NBA started yesterday, and the NHL starts this weekend.  All are in so-called bubbles.

It is difficult to put MLB in a bubble and that’s why they are having problems with infections.  There have been postponements.

A baseball purist is one who doesn’t like the DH.  They don’t like interleague play.  They don’t like the Wild Card teams in the playoffs.  I am sure they are going bonkers on putting a runner on second base to start extra innings.  They are going to go crazier when the postponements are going to force doubleheaders with seven inning games.

Here is my outlook on it.  This is the pandemic season where we can’t attend games.  Only 60 games.  I am going to try not to expend that much emotional energy on the season and team.  I am not going to let these alterations to the game bother Commentary. Nope.

NFL and NCAA football teams have bigger rosters than MLB.  They also won’t play in a bubble.  I will be surprised if they take the field anytime soon.

The Chron Sports Section also has a kind of sad story about eight Astros who have made their MLB debuts this season and their families were not able to attend their debuts – aww.

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