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Last Night

Donald Trump said yesterday that Dr. Anthony Fauci has better ratings than him and they are on the same team.  It was a pathetic display for sure.  It turns out he was also jealous that Dr. Fauci was invited to throw out the first pitch for the home opener of the World Series Champs.  Trump made up the fact that the Yankees invited him to throw out the first pitch.  Did I say pathetic?

I watched the House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday and it looks like for now that GOP Judiciary Committee members are all in with Trump.  They aren’t jumping ship.  Good.

I also watched former Vice President Joe Biden answer some questions from the press yesterday.  His only slipup was naming Tallahassee rather than Jacksonville as the site of the Republican National Convention.  He was off by 160 miles or so. No big deal.

Commentary has said before that the GOP owns the pandemic.  The Trump Virus as some say.  That’s why U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in the stronger position when it comes to the next COVID-19 assistance bill.  The GOP is all over the place on the next deal and Democrats are pretty much united.  Stay tuned.

The Texas GOP AG put out a ruling on schools opening or something like that.  That’s funny.  Democrats and a lot of parents of school kids have pretty much accepted that COVID-19 is calling the shots.  Gov. Greg Abbott isn’t calling the shots.  Donald Trump isn’t calling the shots.  Somebody let the AG know that, please.

Let’s see.  We are in the middle of a pandemic.  MLB is trying to get through week one of a sixty game season.  The Marlins have been sidelined for a week.  The Phillies and Yankees have been postponed for a couple of games.  And a Dodger pitcher threw behind Alex Bregman’s head last night – clearing both benches. If the MLB Commissioner wants to show decisive action, he’ll fine the player $50 thousand and make him sit out for a couple of weeks.  He won’t, though.  The player is a Dodger and that’s all you need to know.

We lost last night.

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