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Fourteen Weeks

Election Day is 14 weeks from today.  Early Voting in Person starts 11 weeks from today.  Some of us will get our mail ballots in a little over 8 weeks from now.

As of today, the pandemic will be the dominant issue heading into the election.  Remember last week when folks – not Commentary – were saying Donald Trump finally gets it on the pandemic.  For all those that believed that BS, his tweets last night reminded everyone that he’s still doesn’t get it.

If Donald Trump and a ton of GOP leaders had listened to the doctors, scientists and public health experts instead of Fox News commentators, we would have been having a much safer summer.  The political landscape would have looked a lot different.  Nope.

It is too late for down ballot GOPers to run away from Trump at this point.  Sorry.

Miya Shay did a story yesterday about a Father’s Day dinner that ended up being a COVID-19 fiasco and deadly for a Latino family.  You feel sorry but also wonder what were they thinking?

Commentary watched the service for the late Cong. John Lewis yesterday.  I caught myself figuring out the person behind the mask.

Ken Rosenthal just tweeted that four more Marlins players tested positive. That’s not good.

The Dodgers are in town for a couple of games.  The last time they were in town was for the epic Game 5 of the 2017 World Series. Wear your World Series Championship gear to rub it in.

We are 3-1.

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