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I lost my aunt last night.  Elvira Campos Delgado left us at age 101.  She was my Dad’s sister.  She suffered a stroke last week.  My sister took my Dad to see her yesterday.  She lived down the street from my Dad’s house.  She always treated me with absolute kindness.  Sad.

This should probably not surprise anyone.  Fourteen Miami Marlins players and coaches have tested positive for COVID-19.  They cancelled their home opener today versus B’More.  This does not bode well.  This is a so-called developing story so stay tuned.

Commentary said this last Wednesday:

Commentary is betting some folks will show up to The Yard Friday evening on the Crawford Street side to see if they can catch a glimpse through the glass wall.  Hopefully, the team will have security there to shoo away folks who show up.

I drove by there yesterday and spotted a few folks.  Maybe a dozen or so folks.  I took some photos and then walked up to a window and took a few shots of the field which was partially obstructed by the cutouts.  Ok, the folks weren’t doing anything to get shooed away for.  They were all maintaining social distancing and I think they all had on masks.  Maybe I was violating what I said on Wednesday.  I am sorry.

Commentary has said before that I don’t watch that much soccer.  I did watch most of the Dash yesterday.  We got us a title.

With 57 games left in the season, we have lost our ace Justin Verlander.  The Chron’s Chandler Rome broke the story yesterday and said he was out for the season.  Verlander tweeted yesterday that wasn’t so, and he was just going to give his arm a rest and then see what happens.

Regardless, sitting out for a few weeks in a 60-game season is terrible news.

MLB teams are either 2-1 or 1-2.

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