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Opening Day

It looks like the Donald Trump Campaign is going to try to make the case that former Vice President Joe Biden has cognitive issues. Ok.  We are up to 4 million infections and lead the world.  Have at it.

Gov. Greg Abbott said this on COVID-19 to Fox 26 yesterday:

“This is not a hoax.  This is not a joke.”


This is the GOP’s pandemic pure and simple.  They own every bit if it. If they would have demonstrated leadership and courage, we would be having a way better summer.  Nope. They got scared of folks like Lt. Governor Dan Patrick so here we are.  Literally trying to survive.

A Florida poll came out yesterday and it is worse for the GOP there.  The GOP deserves it for sure.

Dr. Anthony Fauci tossed the first pitch last night and didn’t even come near the vicinity of the plate.  It’s Ok.

MLB and the players agreed to 16 teams in the playoffs.  The first round will be 8 best of 3 Wild Card Series.  Commentary is opposed.  We could have the best record in MLB and face the 16th rated team and lose 2 out of 3 and it’s over.  Life ain’t fair!

This will the first Opening Day I will miss at The Yard.  It’s sad.  On an Opening Day I could attend I would have taken the Metro Rail from the Quitman Station. The gang would have gathered a couple of hours before the game at one of the restaurants, probably Irma’s Southwest next to The Yard.  The Dean, Big Al, the Senator, Gerard, Fred, Terry, James, Melissa, Commentary and a few others.  All of us would have been wearing gear except for Fred. We would have all been talking sh_t.  We are pretty good at that.  Then we would have headed to the games just in time for the intros.  The game would have been sold out.

At the game, Al and I would have had peanuts, hot dogs and Saint Arnold.  He’s a Summers Pils and Santo guy.  I am an Amber and Art Car fella.  We would spend our time there talking baseball, game strategy, family, movies, the old days and shooting trivia at each other.

Oh, well.

Commentary decided not to plunk down $100 for a cutout at The Yard.

I am wearing gear today and will watch the game from home this evening.

Let’s play ball!

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