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This past Friday, Chron assistant editor Matt Schwartz put out a tweet that said not so nice things about tamales.  I saw it and said what is that all about.  He explained it yesterday and called himself the arsehole of the day.  It turns out it was just a joke that went bad.  Apology is accepted.

I will say this.  Commentary loves tamales but I only seem to eat them during Christmas.  The last one I ate was around Christmastime.  Back when I used to go to restaurants, the breakfast of choice at Teotihuacan is chorizo con huevos that comes with potatoes, refried beans and a tamale.  In all the years that I have eaten that menu item, I never touch the tamale. Weird.

You have to hand it to the Texas GOP.  They elected a nut job as their next Chair.  They also proved they don’t know how to handle technology.  Commentary is feeling a lot better about Texas in November.

2020 will forever be remembered for a lot including the full-blown ineptness of the GOP and its leadership.

Astros baseball starts this Friday.


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