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Pandemic Politics

It is pretty obvious that Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic hinges around his reelection.  He wants a full-blown economy with low unemployment.  He never implemented a strategy on testing and contract tracing.  He encouraged the economy to open back up before we were ready. He encouraged liberation.  He has treated the pandemic as an annoyance.  He will pay the price this November.

Gov. Greg Abbott put himself between a rock and a hard place.  Rather than stay a course and focus, he immediately let Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick unnerve him.  He opened up way too soon.  Instead of listening to the mayors and county judges of the larger cities and counties, he opted to please Patrick and the loonies because he doesn’t want them to go after his arse in 2022.  Commentary thinks it is too late on that front.  Patrick is in.  He has got enough on Abbott.  A dithering Abbott.  It is happening in plain sight.  It is out of control.  At this point, Gov. Abbott just needs to act on saving lives and shut it back down again.  He won’t though.

Commentary is certainly not going on a limb by saying Gov. Abbott will not be reelected. He has handled the pandemic response poorly.  Either he will choose not to run for reelection, Patrick will take him out in the GOP primary, or the November 2022 general election voters will say no mas.

Nobody can say that Gov. Abbott has been on top of this.  Don’t argue, please.

Astros baseball for real starts in a week.  I wonder if we should all wear Astros gear next Friday?

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