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Badass Challenger

Here is a headline on an online story on the U.S. Senate race:

Cornyn-Hegar Senate race pits money vs. a ‘badass’ challenger

Commentary knows very little about MJ Hegar.  I know she rides a motorcycle.  I know she is a combat veteran.   I also know she is not a useless arsehole like the GOP incumbent.

Donald Trump has a new campaign manager.  As if that will change things.

V Colorado sent me this on my take yesterday:

I’m disappointed as well. Feel like I did after Beto lost his senatorial race.

Here is some data from HD 148:

In the March 3 Dem Primary in HD 148, 660 voted by mail.  That was a low number and let me explain.

In 2019, for the November municipal and HD 148 Special Elections, a number of campaigns sent out to 65 and older voters mail ballot applications.  On November 3, 1,306 cast mail ballots in HD 148.   As you recall, the HD 148 Special Election runoff was held on January 28 of this year.  Mail ballots were sent out in late December for the Special Election Runoff, at around the same time the Democratic Party sent out their mail ballot applications.  Commentary got his and filled out and returned.

Since HD 148 mail ballots were hitting at the same time applications were hitting, I suspect a lot of voters didn’t fill out their applications, maybe thinking they didn’t have to since a mail ballot was sitting on their kitchen table.

1,335 cast mail ballots on January 28 with 863 going to Democrat State Rep. Anna Eastman.

Heading into this past weekend in the HD 148 Democratic Primary Runoff, 2,137 mail ballots were in.  The Rep. Eastman campaign sent out applications to 65 and older March 3 voters who had voted in person.  1,219 of the 2,137 voted in person on March 3.

We also sent out to those under 65 who voted in March.  400 voters under the age of 65 ended up voting by mail as of this weekend.

More mail ballots came in this weekend so these numbers should increase.

MLB starts in eight days.


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