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Vote Eastman

Commentary usually doesn’t say much on Election Day other than to tell folks to go vote.  Here is what the Chron E-board says about State Rep. Anna Eastman today:

Anna Eastman in primary for Texas House District 148. Her record as an eight-year member of the HISD school board, plus the work she’s done since voters chose to send her to Austin in the January special election, shows she has a firm handle on how to get results for constituents. She has promised to make education one of her top priorities.

They threw a lot at her in the runoff.

Our opponent’s printer called last week telling us he got stiffed by our opponent on getting paid for yard signs.  It is funny.  Every printer I know doesn’t let campaign product out the door without full payment.  He called again yesterday saying he was still owed money.  Commentary is not surprised.

Commentary is always learning stuff.  I have mentioned before growing up four blocks from the second largest refinery in the country, seventh in the world.  I am talking about the Exxon facility in Baytown.  I drive by it when I go hang with my Dad.  I did not know until yesterday that Donald Trump had created the oil industry.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is a piece of you know what.  He got caught not wearing a mask on a flight.  The fella is a joke.

They are still on track to play MLB next week.

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