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Last Day

Today is the last day to vote early in person in the primary runoffs in Texas.

Texas continues to be a hot spot for COVID-19.  This is a Donald Trump, Gov. Greg Abbott and GOP caused problem.  Abbott is at a 44% approval rating in Texas and it is probably going to get worse.  This is insane.

Meanwhile, the Texas GOP is suing the City of H-Town.  Let’s do this.  Set it up for them.  The chairs, the podium, the microphones and the lights.  Give them the keys to the GRB but don’t provide staff.  They can bring in their coolers.  Hire food trucks.  If they want to infect each other, let them. After they are done, we can bring in a cleaning crew in hazmat gear and hose the place down.

The Goya Food CEO stepped into it big time by praising Trump.  Commentary is not a big Goya fella.  What a dumbarse.

Commentary doesn’t have much else to say heading into the weekend.

Oh yeah, MLB released the 2021 schedules yesterday.

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