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You Gotta Vote

The first day of Early Voting in Person is in the books.

I caught one of our opponent’s – Penny Shaw – campaign workers violating election distance marker laws.  I took his picture and reported his arse to the County Clerk.  The idiot even tried walking into the polling place wearing his campaign gear.  Dumbsh_t for sure.

Par for the course.  It turns out Shaw has a pretty lackluster voting history.  When she was running for County Commissioner in 2018 on a flood control platform, she failed to vote in the historic $2.5 billion Harris County Flood Bonds special election in August of 2018.  How lame is that?

Remember when we had the big HISD “Recapture” election in May of 2017.  That was when the State of Texas was trying to assign $8 billion of our commercial property for tax purposes to a neighboring school district.  Yep, Shaw didn’t bother to vote.

You gotta show up and vote in my book.

At this point, Gov. Greg Abbott just ought to give the local officials the authority they are requesting.  His way didn’t work.  He needs to just hand it off to the locals.

On a local matter, it is crazy to officially host a mass gathering anytime soon.  The corporation that runs the George R. Brown Convention Center ought to cancel the Texas Republican Convention scheduled for next month.  Forget about how the delegates might feel, what about the venue’s employees.

Now that’s a call we don’t have to ask the Governor to approve.  Do it, please.

If the H-Town Mayor wants to put together a Wall of Shame for violators of the executive orders, have at it.

Some MLB players are deciding to opt out of the short season out of concern for their families.  I don’t blame them.

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