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My niece, actually great-niece, Abby Martinez, graduated from Alexander High School from Laredo’s United ISD last night and she took a knee during the National Anthem.  How strong is that?

Abby’s Mom, Linda Garza, is my niece. My sister, Aida’s oldest.  Part of the #SieteFamilyFoods.  Linda is also a kickarse attorney.

Commentary has not spent that much time over the years with Abby, but I always found her to be smiling and engaging. Last I was told, Abby will be attending St. Edwards in Austin.

Congrats, Abby!  You made us all extra proud last night.

5,551 infections in Texas yesterday.  On “Today” this morning, they said H-Town was the epicenter of Texas.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and the H-Town Mayor have been doing what they can.  We’ve been let down by Gov. Greg Abbott’s timidity, indecisiveness and inaction. We re-opened too soon.

Commentary is thinking it is time to shut it down again or impose stronger penalties for those not wearing masks.

Cong. Joaquin Castro tweeted this yesterday:

Texas @GovAbbott yesterday: “The safest place for you is at your home.”

So are you going to let us vote from the safest place, too? And when are you going to stick up for Texas and ask @realDonaldTrump why he’s cutting funding for our tests?

Commentary is kind of tired about talking about this because nobody takes me seriously.  Gov. Abbott has already given the green light on voting by mail using the disability excuse for those under 65 years of age.  State Rep. Anna Eastman’s Campaign had our mail ballot application reviewed by Abbott’s Secretary of State.  How many times does Commentary have to tell folks that?  Heck, I even displayed copies of the application in my tweets.

If Democrats really want to do this, go on ahead and use Rep. Eastman’s application as a template.  Just run it by your county elections administrator first.

From the Chron:

Mayor Sylvester Turner on Wednesday announced the appointment of 45 people to a task force that will review Houston Police Department policies in what will be a closely-watched effort to consider reforms.

And his:

The launch of the working group was met with skepticism by some activists, who argued the city has studied the issue thoroughly in the past and that it is time for action.

“We believe it when we see it. Because we’ve never seen it,” said Tarsha Jackson, an advocate who formerly was the criminal justice director for the Texas Organizing Project.

And finally this:

Ashton Woods, the founder of Black Lives Matter Houston, said the mayor excluded a lot of grass-roots activists.

“As I thought, THIS task force is full of people WHO ALREADY HAD POWER to change things,” Woods said on Twitter. “Besides a couple of people who do real work, I have ZERO faith that things will change. Another empty gesture.”

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/houston/article/Turner-announces-45-member-task-force-to-consider-15364168.php.

Now you know.

The states of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York are imposing a quarantine for folks coming in from the heavily COVID-19 infected states like Florida and Texas.  If Florida doesn’t get their act together, it could prove to be a dilemma of sorts for MLB.

Under the new schedule, AL and NL same geographic divisions will play against each other.  Meaning, the Marlins and Rays from Florida, will play the Mets and the Yankees.   If Florida is still a mess in late July when the season is supposed to start, what’s the plan for the Rays and Marlins if they are scheduled to go to New York?  Will the Mets and Yankees be allowed to go to Florida.

Like Commentary said yesterday, I will believe it when I see it.

I got this from the team today:

If fan attendance is allowed at games at any point during the new 2020 regular season or postseason, Season Ticket Holders whose accounts are in good standing for the 2021 season will be given priority access to individual game tickets.


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