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Remember when Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said the following about 12 days ago and some ridiculed and skewered her:

“I am growing increasingly concerned that we may be at the precipice of a disaster.”

Here is what Gov. Greg Abbott said yesterday:

“COVID-19 is now spreading at an unacceptable rate in the state of Texas, and it must be corralled.”

Here is what the H-Town Mayor said yesterday:

“We are moving very fast and we are moving very fast in the wrong direction.”

Here is the latest from Dr. Peter Hotez, also from yesterday:

“If the numbers continue to accelerate, we could be looking at a situation that resembles New York City or some cities in Brazil.”

If you ask Commentary, Judge Hidalgo was like a week and a half ahead of the Governor, Mayor and Doctor.

Of course, we know why folks aren’t going after the fellas for what they said yesterday.

Commentary wishes folks would quit treating her like a 29-year old Latina Harris County Judge.

Show her some respect.  Show the office some respect.

In fact, show her respect.  Show the office respect.

She is trying to save my life and yours.

Here is what the Chron E-Board starts off with today in talking about Gov. Abbott:

The emperor has no mask.

And here is the last line:

Governor, your attempts to dress up this disaster aren’t fooling anybody — least of all the virus.

Here is the entire read:  https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Editorial-The-emperor-has-no-mask-Abbott-s-15358493.php.

Here is the deal.  Early on, Gov. Abbott was trying to please Donald Trump. The problem these days is that Trump has COVID-19 in the rearview mirror and Abbott is left holding the bag.  Abbott is lucky there are leaders like Judge Hidalgo trying to clean up his mess.

Commentary is not going to get all worked up about MLB and the players not agreeing to a deal to play.  I am not going to call one side out over the other as greedy with no concern about us, the fans.  I am just not.

MLB, like the NBA, WNBA, NFL, NHL and MLS are different from the PGA, LPGA, NASCAR and Indy.  The team sports involve physical contact, often times, hard hitting contact.  Can’t say that about golfing and racing.

The USA is one of the worst at handling COVID-19.  No argument there.  Leadership has failed us across the nation.  This COVID-19 is everywhere.

If we were just dealing with the run of the mill labor dispute, yeah, have at, butcher the owners or players.  This time we are dealing with a dispute on how to play during the mother of all pandemics in my lifetime.  I am going to cut them some slack.  Don’t give me any sh_t either.  My 2020 season tickets are paid for in full.  My money is sitting in the Astros bank account.

Stay safe and wear a mask.

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