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Masks for Us

First things first.  Happy Birthday to Marisol Valero!  She is one of my favorite people.  She’s smart.  She speaks here mind.  She is good at her work.  She is one of the better political folks I have had the pleasure of working with.  I have known Marisol for 13 years now.  She is now married and has a little girl.  She is also State Rep. Anna Eastman’s Chief of Staff.  Have a nice one today, Marisol!

Gov. Greg Abbott is having a press conference today and the Houston Chronicle isn’t invited to attend.  We are only the largest city in the state and our newspaper can’t attend during a pandemic?  Harris County and H-Town lead the state in infections, and the Chron can’t attend.  The fella has a small mind.  He’s petty.  Maybe he’s figured out he’s not doing so well on leading us through the pandemic.

A couple or so weeks ago I checked in on infections in my home zip code.  We were in the mid-60s.  Today we are at 111.

Starting today, here in Harris County we have to mask up if we go to a business establishment with a few exceptions.  It is mandatory thanks to our Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. There will be some dumbarses and knuckleheads who will defy because they are sh_theads.  It is a good thing because we are not making progress reducing infections.

Tulsa officials said around 6,200 attended the Donald Trump rally Saturday night.  I learned something after Saturday night.  Not all Trump supporters are dumbsh_ts.  They stayed at home to avoid COVID-19.  Good for them.

The Trump campaign manager can spin the attendance thing anyway which way and forever.  The fact is, they went through the process of constructing an outside venue that they thought was going to be used for the expected overflow crowd. They wrongly predicted.  Spin it all you want.

The smartest guy at the rally was the fella sitting by himself way up in the upper deck.

The Trump brand is not what it used to be.

Democrats had a pretty good week last week.

SCOTUS handed the LGBTQ community a win last week by ruling that they could not be fired from their job for being LGBTQ.

DACA is still around thanks to SCOTUS.

Then we got to watch Texas GOP leaders go after the Empower Texans guys who got caught on a hot mic saying some bad things about Gov. Greg Abbott.

Here is the deal.  That’s the culture they have created.  That’s the culture that Donald Trump is leading and stoking these days.

I laughed most of Friday when Texas GOP leader after Texas GOP leader tweeted out condemnations at the Empower folks.  My biggest laugh came when the Texas House Speaker put out his sanctimonious take.  Oh, brother.

Donald Trump says outrageous and offensive crap on a daily basis and all of the same Texas GOP leaders who tweeted on Friday are silent.    The latest.  120,000 folks are dead from COVID-19 here in the USA and Trump says he slowed down the testing.  Silence.  Bunch of wimps in my book.

I don’t see how the NBA and MLB think they can have a season with a plan that includes the state of Florida.  Someone just called COVID-19 the official disease of Florida.

Through yesterday, we have missed 76 regular season games. 39 of them at The Yard.

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