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Essential Fourth

Commentary didn’t protest.  I understand the need.  I also understand that the protests contributed to community spread.  That’s why I didn’t participate.  My 96 year-old Dad thing.

I also know that things aren’t getting better in Texas and in the south when it comes to controlling COVID-19.

Here is the latest Texas policy for COVID-19:

Don’t worry.  We have a hospital bed available for you to die in.

Think about that. Got it?

Now it turns out we will have Fourth of July celebrations in H-Town and other places around here.  Why?  What happened to stay home?  We are just about where we started with this s_it.  Fourth of July celebrations are not essential during the pandemic.  It is not a good look.

Don’t be a knucklehead, wear a mask.

The Chron E-Board reminds us today that we are still in a pandemic.

The Chron also brought back the Sports Section and did away with the Coronavirus Section.  They still want us to know we are in a pandemic.  Got it?

Speaking of getting rid of names on public buildings of folks who did atrocious stuff to folks, how come Mirabeau Lamar still has his name on a premier high school in HISD?  Even though he served as President of Texas, he believed in the “total extinction” of Native Americans. He also ordered on a number of occasions for his troops to kill them and run them off their lands so White folks could settle.  We have nothing but Democrats on the HISD Board.  Change the name.

They did change the Lamar High offensive mascot name that the NFL Washington team still uses.

They won’t because too many politically connected folks went to Lamar and it sits next to River Oaks.

Over at HCC, on the Central Campus, they have the Fannin Building named after James Fannin.  Fannin commanded forces during the Texas Revolution against the Mexican Army.  In 1836, his outfit was captured, and they were executed in what is known as the Massacre at Goliad.

Before he signed up with the Texas Revolution, Fannin was in the slave trade transportation business.

Granted, Lamar and Fannin didn’t fight in the Confederate Army against the United States, they were still terrible people who committed crimes against fellow human beings.

Go after these two, while we are at it.

What ever happened to LatinX?  Have not seen it used lately.

It turns out the Yankees were cheating in 2017, allegedly.  We were a better team and better cheaters.

The Team Store at The Yard has reopened starting today.

Through yesterday, we have missed 71 regular season games. 39 of them at The Yard.

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