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The Chron E-Board has a lengthy editorial on voting by mail in Texas for those under the age of 65 because of the COVID.

Here is the title of the E-Board take in the hard copy:

Confusion won’t end

Commentary thinks the E-Board did a good job in making it confusing and here are some samples:

Facing an increase of cases of COVID-19 and irresponsible obstinance by Texas officials, all voters must consider this a valid choice, even if it trades one risk for another.

And this:

But the court left it up to voters to make the determination of what constitutes a threat to their health.

And this:

The court went on to say that elections officials “do not have a ministerial duty, reviewable by mandamus, to look beyond the application to vote by mail.” Meaning they can take the word of voters who say they qualify to request an absentee ballot.

In trying to have it both ways, the court created a de facto “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that adds to the confusion.

And this:

“This is at the voters’ discretion. The form doesn’t require information beyond checking a box for eligibility,” Assistant County Attorney Douglas Ray told the editorial board. “We don’t have the authority or ability to investigate that.”

But the risk of investigation is there, even if minimal.

The editorial board’s calls to the attorney general’s office went unanswered as of press time, but Paxton has not shown previous restraint. In April, he threatened to prosecute activists, county elections officials and anybody else who would advise voters who didn’t qualify to request an absentee ballot even after a state judge found the statute’s wording could be interpreted more broadly.

For Ray here in Harris County, the danger of prosecution is a realistic outcome only for those who advertise that they voted by mail simply because they were scared of the pandemic.

Here is the entire E-Board take:  https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/mail-in-voting-texas-difficult-coronavirus-15328468.php.

Sigh. Just go look up what I said yesterday.

Vote. By. Mail.

The Chron has a story today on the increase of COVID-19 cases in Texas since Memorial Day.  Like a 36% increase.   Commentary is not surprised.  Folks don’t wear face masks.  Protests. Re-openings.  Lousy social distancing. It is like everyone is on their own.  Pretty soon they will open up sporting events to full capacity and folks are going to have to decide if they want to take a risk.  I have decided I won’t.

Nice job, Harris County DA.  I am talking about her decision to drop the charges against 654 protesters.

Commentary has said before that the GOP gave up moral authority on everything a long, long time ago.  They can’t go after us – Democrats – on anything.  Not on our handling of protests.  Not on race.  Not on economic policy.  Not on the pandemic.  Not on how our Harris County Commissioners Court decides stuff.  When you say nada about Donald Trump’s tweets, like the one from yesterday about the 75 year-old protester, you lose moral authority and credibility on everything. So just shut the fu_k up!

Caesar’s Palace Sports Book will open on Friday.  What can you bet on?

Nothing to report on MLB and the players.

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