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Fake Threat

This fella is a joke.  Commentary is talking about the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.  Remember when he was threatening folks for voting by mail using the disability excuse if you are under 65 years of age.  It was a fake threat. Here is from today’s Chron:

As Democrats and civil rights groups sue to expand mail-in voting during the pandemic, a recent decision by the Texas Supreme Court has left it up to voters to decide for themselves whether they qualify for vote-by-mail.

In its decision in late May, the highest civil court in the state ruled that lack of immunity to COVID-19 alone does not constitute a disability that would allow those under 65 years old to vote by mail rather than at the polls, under the Texas election codes.

But it added — which legal experts say is crucial — that a voter can take the possibility of being infected into consideration along with his or her “health” and “health history” to determine whether he or she needs to vote by mail under the ‘disability’ provisions in the law.

And this:

Assistant County Attorney Douglas Ray has said Harris is relying on the Supreme Court decision to bolster its recommendation that voters request a ballot if they believe they are eligible.

“If it’s checked disabled, we’ll just send the ballot,” Ray said. “We don’t question that. We don’t have the authority or ability to investigate that.”

End of story.

BTW, here is the entire Chron story on this:  https://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/texas/article/Texas-voters-will-decide-for-themselves-if-they-15325885.php.

Look.  It is another tool Dems need to use heading into November.

All Paxton was doing was trying to scare Democrats.  We couldn’t figure out how he was going to swoop in and arrest some folks.  Under what authority?

We saw right through that when we – the State Rep. Anna Eastman Campaign – had our vote-by-mail application reviewed by the Harris County Clerk’s Office and the Texas Secretary of State’s Elections folks.

If we are still dealing with COVID-19 when November rolls around, some voters will want to have this option available.

I also have news for you.  There will be some GOPers under 65 years of age voting by mail in November if the virus is still around.

When you do end up getting your mail ballot, they also include the “I Voted” sticker.  So, you are not missing out.

Did I say end of story?

Don’t you hate it when your iPhone doesn’t recognize you when you are wearing a mask?

I was in Baytown this past Friday and I was making a grocery store run and I saw cars lined up for blocks on one of the main roads.  I thought it was a food distribution for folks.  It turns out it was folks lining up to buy peaches.  Peaches? Who waits in long lines to buy peaches?

I forgot to put out yesterday that through Sunday, we have missed 66 regular season games. 33 of them at The Yard.

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