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State Senator Carol Alvarado, Chair of the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus, was on a Legislative Panel at the Texas Democratic Party State Convention this past Friday evening, and put out a most outrageous fact.  She was discussing Texas not participating in Medicaid Expansion and said that Texas has left $70 billion on the table.  Left $70 billion on the table. Let that sink in.

When we usually talk about Texas not participating in the program, we throw out the few billion dollars amount per year we have been missing out on.  Sen. Alvarado decided to add it all up and it came up to a whopping $70 billion to date.

Just how dumb is that?  The Kaiser Foundation put out a few weeks ago that the pandemic caused 1.6 million Texans to lose their employee sponsored health insurance.  That is now on top of the folks who weren’t covered because we aren’t part of the Medicaid Expansion program.

Don’t ever let GOP folks claim any moral fiscal high ground.  Ever!

Call it what you want.  Reprehensible. Immoral. Cold. Stupid. Ignorance. Irresponsible.  Foolhardy.

Just think what $70 billion would have contributed to the Texas economy the past few years.

Who is stupid enough to leave $70 billion on the table?  Don’t answer.

Nice work.  Former Gov. Rick Perry and Gov. Greg Abbott.

To the NFL Commissioner.  Thanks for coming aboard. Now go apologize to Colin Kaepernick and write him a big check too.

Keith Nielsen, the Chair-elect of the Harris County Republican Party will not take office because he posted racist sh_t and was called out by GOP bigwigs.

This past Friday morning, my pal, Pasadena Mayor Jeff Wagner asked Nielsen to resign his position as Chair of the Pasadena Planning Commission.  Nielsen complied.

The Trib has identified a number of Texas GOP County Chairs who have posted similar racist or outlandish conspiracy sh_t.

On “What’s Your Point” yesterday, the Harris County GOP never-to-be sh_t was brought up and the Breitbart Texas fella said Democrats say dumb things too.  That’s the best he could do.  Sad.

The folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are contemplating having Donald Trump deliver a speech on race.  How is that possible?  How does a racist make a speech on race? Really?

There is nothing new on MLB and the players.

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