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Three Texas GOP County Chairs and one incoming County Chair are being asked to resign their positions for promoting racist and outlandish sh_t.  GOPers Gov. Greg Abbott, Land Commissioner George P. Bush and Cong. Dan Crenshaw are those asking for the resignations.

The Bexar County GOP Chair is one of those asked to resign because she said the George Floyd murder was a staged event.  Former Texas House Speaker Joe Straus said the Bexar County GOP Chair brought “embarrassment upon Bexar County Republicans.”  That’s funny.  Dude, the entire GOP is an embarrassment.

Here is the Trib article on this stuff:

Republican leaders in four Texas counties shared racist Facebook posts, some of which also floated conspiracy theories, leading Gov. Greg Abbott to call for two of them to resign.

Abbott and other top Texas Republicans called for the resignation of the GOP chairs in Bexar and Nueces counties after they shared on social media a conspiracy theory that Floyd’s death was a “staged event,” apparently to gin up opposition to President Donald Trump. There is no evidence to support that claim; Floyd, a black Minnesota man, died last week after a white police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

“These comments are disgusting and have no place in the Republican Party or in public discourse,” Abbott spokesman John Wittman said in a statement Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, the GOP chairman-elect in Harris County, Keith Nielsen, posted an image on Facebook earlier this week that showed a Martin Luther King Jr. quote — “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” — on a background with a banana. The juxtaposition of the quote and the banana can be read as an allusion to equating black people with monkeys, a well-worn racist trope. Nielsen appears to have deleted the post and apparently addressed it on his Facebook page Thursday evening.

“It is unfortunate that the sentiment of the quote and my admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has been overshadowed by people’s misinterpretation of an image,” Nielsen wrote, calling for “racial reconciliation” in America. “My hope is I will continue to be part of the solution and never part of the problem.”

The Texas Tribune became aware of Nielsen’s post after Abbott called for the resignation of the Bexar County and Nueces County chairs. Wittman could not immediately be reached for comment about the third post.

U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a Houston Republican, said in a statement to the Tribune that “Nielsen has no place in our party. Not now. Not ever” — and called his post “a sad reminder that such blatant ignorance and bigotry still exists.”

Even later Thursday, Democrats also criticized a fourth post from a GOP chair on Facebook. Sue Piner, chair of the Comal County GOP, shared a post on Sunday that included an image of liberal billionaire George Soros and text that said, “I pay white cops to murder black people. And then I pay black people to riot because race wars keep the sheep in line.”

Piner could not be immediately reached for comment about the post. The unfounded Soros conspiracy theory is among many that have spread online as Americans have protested policy brutality.

Republican Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush late Thursday said all four county leaders should step down.

Here is the Trib article: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/06/04/texas-greg-abbott-bexar-GOP-conspiracy/.

Here is what Keir tweeted about Abbott asking for the resignation:

Abbott has taken great deal of flack from right and left in response to the COVID-19 crisis, and now trying to navigate middle ground after George Floyd killing.  Whatever one thinks on substance, his political team is the best in the state.  They clearly sense big risk. #txlege

This could be a very interesting summer.  There are a whole lot of racist and wacko GOP leaders throughout state saying crap.  They could be asking for a lot more resignations.

Commentary agrees with Keir.  There is another move Abbott’s office made that speaks to this

Somebody needs to tell law enforcement that just about everyone carries a phone camera.  Last night, we all saw the Buffalo, New York Police push an old guy over who fell, and blood started pouring out of his head.  The video got a few million views.  The Buffalo PD said the fella tripped.  Nope.  Two officers have now been suspended and there will be an investigation.

Thank you, camera phone.

Yesterday, Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia and HPD Chief Art Acevedo began a fuss with each other on Twitter.  Someone needs to tell them to take it private.

MLB and the players aren’t really talking.

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