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If we are running neck and neck in September, watch out.

Speaking of, I have been stopping into the virtual Texas Democratic Party State Convention. I have voted on most stuff.

There won’t be that many more Election Day polling locations on July 14 here in Harris County.  In the Greater Heights area, you will only be able to vote at Resurrection Church on 11th St., Hogg Middle and Field Elementary.  In the Northside, Moody Park and Burbank Middle.   Vote by Mail or Vote Early in Person.  If you want my advice, Vote by Mail.

Saints QB Drew Brees stepped into it big time yesterday.  This morning he did the right thing and apologized.

The General Mattis fella blasted Donald Trump yesterday.  Shut up!  You went to work for the arsehole fully knowing who he was.  If you didn’t know who he was, you should have.

Royko sent me this yesterday:

There was no criticism of the Commander-in-Heat, President Clinton, after it was learned he had sodomized an intern in the Oval Office, when there were photos of President Clinton, clutching a Bible, alongside Hillary attending church.

Going back 20 plus years.  What a stretch.  Running out of ammo for sure.

Horse racing resumed in New York yesterday without fans in the stands.  In one of the races there was a horse named Fauci who finished a social distanced second. I admit, I stole this line from Carson Daly.

You are kidding yourself if you think Gov. Greg Abbott is reopening Texas based on what the doctors are saying.  Abbott is reopening so he can be doing his part to lower unemployment numbers to help Trump’s campaign chances pure and simple.  It’s duck and cover time, folks.

I kind of have resigned myself that I won’t be going to any Astros games this year.

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