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Lots of Protesters

Commentary is old school.  I am one of those who still thinks you can catch the COVID-19 by going to a crowded march with 60,000 protesters in near 90-degree heat within a few city square blocks.  That’s just me.

I have to also think about my 96-year old Dad who I see on a regular basis.

We have been doing 8 or 9 days of protesting across the USA and I am waiting to see if there will be spikes here and there,

If there aren’t spikes, we are going to hear from every pro sports league and the NCAA to kick open the gates for fans to attend their sporting events.  Heck, maybe even from GOP types who want to move their National Convention to their cities.

Which reminds me.  When are we going to get back to COVID-19 news coverage? What’s the status of when we are getting a vaccine?

Nice job LAPD.  Using UCLA’s Jackie Robinson Baseball Stadium as a field jail for protesters is a fitting tribute to one of our nation’s greatest civil rights icons.  Such a moronic move.

Royko sent me this yesterday on my putting out what @AOC tweeted about the Bible burning Trump’s hand:

One should be curious if AOC had to be informed that it was a Bible the President was holding.

She was probably like Commentary if she was watching.  My first thought was is that a Bible he’s holding.  Then he answered the reporter’s question.  Anyway, she wasn’t roundly criticized like he was by clergy from across America.

If North Carolina doesn’t host a scaled down Republican National Convention, I wonder which American city will be crazy enough to offer themselves up as a host city.  It would be absolute madness.

Pasadena ISD overpaid 1,300 workers during the COVID-19 closures and now want their money back.  Sigh.  Just call a meeting of the ISD Board and vote to make that overpayment a raise.

Now I am waking up with Lisa Hernandez.  Lisa is the new co-host to the Channel 2 early morning news.  She used to be with Channel 11.  She started this morning.  Channel 2 news is my early morning program that I wake up to.

I forgot to put out on Monday that through last Sunday, we have missed 60 regular season games. 26 of them at The Yard.  We were supposed to be at Fenway last weekend.

MLB and the players are still talking.

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