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On my Commentary tweet, I have on my Beatles on the Apple label t-shirt, my baseball mask, the open star lid, and my State Rep. Anna Eastman sticker.

Commentary generally opposed most of the policies of President Reagan, Bush and W. Bush.  When the sh_t hit the fan though, like a national emergency, crisis or disaster, they made the effort to lead.  They didn’t try to exploit or divide us.

Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is a piece of sh_t pure and simple.  We all know that.

The first thing that jumped out of my head last week when I saw images of the protests from across the country was you guys aren’t social distancing.  Same goes for the Friday protests in Downtown H-Town.  We are probably going to see some spikes across the country.

Let me say it again.  COVID-19 doesn’t take days off.  Not for Memorial Day Weekend.  Not for protests.

Someone in law enforcement needs to explain to Commentary why HPD needs to send in the Cavalry into crowds when they are protesting? It wasn’t a good look when a female protester got trampled by a mounted patrol.

On “What’s Your Point” yesterday, Wayne Dolcefino said we never should have gone into a lockdown and blamed Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and H-Town Mayor Sylvester Turner.  What a knucklehead!  He forgot to mention Gov. Greg Abbott.

Protest images that stood out the past few days:

The Austin PD officer spraying something onto the face of the African American protester who was just standing there, letting it soak in so to speak.

The young woman getting trampled by the HPD mounted patrol.

HPD Chief Art Acevedo stepping up.

A cop kicking a female protester who was sitting down in front of a Jimmy John’s.

A confrontation between protesters and LAPD officers and the frontline of the protesters were all female and the cops were jabbing at them with their batons and occasionally whacking them while the women held their ground.

A tweet from an observer Saturday morning in H-Town, who said the only folks smashing windows and defacing property Friday night in Downtown H-Town were white folks.

I saw similar tweets from the protests in other cities.

The Texas State Capitol getting defaced.  Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that a first?  Under Gov. Greg Abbott’s watch.  Nice job, Governor.

A number of police vehicles getting torched.

A Louisville police officer shooting pellets at a local TV reporter for just doing her job.

The front page of the Chron’s Sports Section yesterday with the powerful images and message saying all you arseholes who thought Colin Kaepernick was unpatriotic for taking a knee were dead wrong.

The woman walking out of the looted Cheesecake Factory, you guessed it, with a cheesecake.

Law enforcement folks destroying gallon milk jugs that the protesters were going to use to douse themselves to help them fight off tear gas.  Law enforcement later said that there were flammable agents included in the stash of milk that they were really after. Got it.

The Trump folks designating ANTIFA a terrorist group or something like that and Commentary wondering who in the heck is ANTIFA any how?

The Trump folks who are hiding in their offices and not venturing out much saying ANTIFA and leftist groups are behind the violence by the protesters.  Local authorities who are in the mix of things saying otherwise and that white supremacists are involved in some.

Former Vice President Joe Biden wearing a mask venturing out in Wilmington, Delaware and mingling with some protesters.

Trump’s National Security Advisor saying there wasn’t systemic racism in law enforcement, just a few bad apples.

Someone tweeting that police officers need to start wearing Barney Fife gear instead of special forces gear.  I agree.

My Beatles lyrics wall calendar for June is “Good Day Sunshine” with this:

Good day sunshine
I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I’ve got something I can laugh about
I feel good, in a special way
I’m in love an’ it’s a sunny day

My other Beatles wall calendar is a photo of the four lads from November of 1963 holding vinyl copies of “Please Please Me” and “Twist and Shout.”

The players put forward a proposal to MLB.  I will leave it at that for now.

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