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No Thanks, Mike

Donald Trump threw a temper tantrum yesterday and threatened to pull the Republican National Convention out of North Carolina unless he was guaranteed a packed convention.  Mike Pence then said Texas would be one of the states that could host the convention.  No thanks, Mike.  Not in H-Town.  We aren’t in the hate importing business.  You are not going to come to H-Town, pack NRG or Toyota, and talk sh_t about immigrants who are the backbone of our community. We also wouldn’t take too kindly to host a few thousand mask eschewing guest arseholes in our fine city for a week or so this August.

In these times, I probably shouldn’t mind if 20,000 or so hard core GOP leaders gather in a packed convention hall and yell like crazy for four straight days.  That is not how it works though.  We have the folks who would be working at the convention hall and hotels that I worry about.

Fox News personality Brit Hume kind of poked fun at former Vice President Joe Biden for wearing a face mask.  You have leave it to Fox idiots to poke fun of someone for doing the responsible thing.

Here is what is puzzling.  If the November election is going to be about how Donald Trump handles the pandemic, shouldn’t it make sense for all of his supporters including Trump himself, to be all wearing masks, so we can get through this quickly?

Back to Biden and the mask thing.  If he is going to be wearing a mask, I would advise his campaign to devote a little effort into developing custom theme masks that showcase issues, locales he’s visiting – you get the picture.  It would also add a little personality.

Commentary signed up to be a delegate to the Texas Democratic Party State Convention.  The past couple of weeks I have gotten a bunch of emails from Democrats wanting my vote for DNC, National Delegate and other Party positions.  I need to figure out who is running in each race.

Ulysses S. Grant was our 18th President.  The History Channel is currently airing “Grant.”  He is also on the $50 bill.  Care to know when he first appeared on the fifty?  1913.

MLB players are going to start working out.  There will be protocols in place like all coaches have to wear PPE. Pitchers will have their own baseballs.  There will be limits on how many players can work out at one time.  No media will be allowed. Sigh.

I wonder which Astros will show up at The Yard?

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