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Memorial Day

Today is my little sister’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Aida Garza!

I wonder if Siete is selling face masks?

Stephen Zepeda tested negative.  Nice.

Commentary thinks some folks are overdoing it this weekend.  I might be wrong, but I don’t think you take a weekend off on the social distancing and expect Señor COVID to do likewise.

Governor Greg Abbott jumped the gun and wanted stuff to open up.  It is his call.  Abbott and other GOP leaders don’t take this seriously, so why should folks who went partying this weekend?

Former Vice President Joe Biden said something dumb the other day and then he came around and apologized.   Then some Donald Trump supporters pounced on Biden’s dumb remarks.  I didn’t pay attention to these arseholes because Trump says racist mean dumb sh_t on a daily basis, never apologizes, and his arsehole supporters are uniformly silent.  F_ck these arseholes.

From the ghoulish news department, I wonder if CNN is having internal meetings on which anchor will be on the air when we hit 100,000 COVID-19 deaths in the USA?  Wolf, Erin, Brooke, Jake, Poppy, Kate, Brianna, AC360, John K, John B, Chris or Don?  I didn’t include the weekend anchors because it will happen in the next couple or so days.

Former H-Town Council Member Bert Keller and former Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart will be seeking the Harris County Republican Party nomination for County Clerk. Commentary still hasn’t heard of a Democrat running.

Commentary is doing most of my groceries via online ordering and curbside pickup.  I don’t want to spend my time going up and down the aisles.  It is easier to go up and down my computer screen. There are still hassles though. For my latest order the site wouldn’t display some products like whole bean coffee and fruit preserves.  Substitutions sometimes miss the mark.  I always order the cheapest napkins because they really don’t have a whole lot of meaning to them.  Yesterday, instead of getting the cheapies, they substituted with the really fancy napkins, like I am going to reuse them.  They charged me for bananas, but when I got home, there weren’t any bananas.  When I got home, I saw some things that I didn’t think I ordered.  I checked my online receipt, and sure enough, I didn’t order them.  I wasn’t charged, so, it was a wash, I guess.  You can’t really go through every grocery bag there curbside when you make the pickup.

I had the golf match on the flat screen yesterday.  It was entertaining. I had CNN on my phone at the same time.

We have missed 53 regular season games. 26 of them at The Yard.

We were supposed to play at Fenway this past weekend.  Last night’s game was also an ESPN Sunday Night Game.

Stay safe this Memorial Day and wear a mask because dumbarses won’t.

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