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This is scary and something I hope doesn’t happen.  Here is from the Chron:

Using cellphone data, national study predicts huge June spike in Houston coronavirus cases

Houston is one of several cities in the South that could see spikes in COVID-19 cases over the next four weeks as restrictions are eased, according to new research that uses cellphone data to track how well people are social distancing.

The updated projection, from PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, found that traffic to non-essential businesses has jumped especially in Texas and Florida, which have moved aggressively to reopen.

In Harris County, the model predicts the outbreak will grow from about 200 new cases per day to more than 2,000 over the next month.

“Some areas—particularly in the south—that have moved more quickly to reopen are showing a higher risk for resurgence,” the researchers wrote in a blog post. “If people in Houston and Palm Beach, Fla., for example, aren’t being cautious with masking in indoor crowded locations and with hygiene and disinfection, local governments may need to intervene again should they lose control of the epidemic.”

Thank you, knuckleheads!

My old pal Keith Wade left us way too soon yesterday.  He was taken by the virus. I first met him when he was working for my friend Mickey Leland way back then.  We worked together a few times including in 1991, when we handled the state representative special election win by Garnet Coleman.  Our conversations were always thoughtful. I last saw him at the GLBT endorsement meeting earlier this year. Keith will be missed.

Underlying Health Condition is the term I often see next to a death caused by COVID-19.  I guess to let folks know that a lot of those that are dying were sick to begin with.  And? It will say like AA. Male. 80s, Underlying Health Condition.  So? If COVID-19 were not around.  It would be AA, Male, Underlying Health Condition, went to go see his grandkids earlier today.

I am sure Donald Trump never maskers are going to be let down big time when they see the photo of Trump wearing a mask.  They will call it fake photojournalism.

Yesterday was also Baseball Hall of Fame great Bobby Cox’s birthday.  My best friend told me yesterday that Bobby Cox holds the record for most times being ejected by an ump in MLB games.  161 ejections.  For those who don’t know, Cox was a skipper.

Yesterday was also one of my best friend’s birthday.  I texted Julie Luna a happy birthday yesterday.

Stay safe this Memorial Day weekend and wear a mask.

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