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Rubber Soul

Today is my Mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Mom!  Of course, she left us three years ago next month.  She probably wouldn’t be missing what is going on these days.  She left us just in time with plenty to spare.

The public health experts say wearing a mask reduces the spread of COVID-19.  Commentary wears a mask if I have to be out among the public.  I have a few that I will be wearing throughout the summer. I am part of the face mask wearing community who are being responsible and want to get through this sh_t with not that many more folks getting infected.  Those who don’t wear masks don’t give a rat’s arse about nobody but themselves, and because of them, more folks are going to get sick and die, and it is going to take us longer to get through this sh_t.

That sums it up in my book.

If you folks continue to go barefaced during the pandemic, you can’t be opposed to those under 65 years of age wanting to vote by mail.  I encourage those under 65 to fill out a vote-by-mail application, check the annual box, the Democratic Primary box, and the Disability box.  I can pretty much guarantee you that AG Ken Paxton is not going to pay a visit to you and ask to explain your Disability.  That’s the VBM strategy, folks.

As of this morning, no one has filed an Appointment of Treasurer for Harris County Clerk according to the Harris County Clerk’s webpage on filings.  Someone has to be thinking about running.

I wore my Beatles Rubber Soul t-shirt the other day.

What tune from the “Rubber Soul” album would definitely not be cool if it were to be released today?  “Run for Your Life” for sure would not be cool.

Stay safe, wear a mask, and show some respect.

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