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Amid all this, my great friends James Rodriguez and Melissa Martinez got married last week.  He told some of us yesterday.  Congrats to the newlyweds!

At the same time, it’s sad that we couldn’t be there with them and celebrate.

My Dad finally got his stimulus check in the mail.  Finally!  Donald Trump’s name is on the check.  I asked my Dad if he wanted to write arsehole under Trump’s name and he laughed.  He reached over to grab a pen, but I said nah.

Former First Lady of Kentucky Phyllis George left us last week.  She was only 70. She was a native Texan and was born in Denton.  She was also a Miss America.  She was a trailblazer when CBS named her as a Co-Host of “The NFL Today” back in 1974.   I actually got to spend a day with her and her husband, Governor John Brown, when they campaigned for Governor Mark White back in the 1980s.  She was the real deal for sure.

This is the start of an article that is the lead story from the latest edition of The Leader:

To help ensure that her supporters cast a vote for her, Anna Eastman’s election campaigns have historically provided ballot-by-mail applications to potential constituents who are at least 65 years old. That demographic is among the groups allowed to request absentee ballots in Texas, which requires most of its citizens to vote in person.

Two weeks ago, though, Eastman said she sent vote-by-mail applications to every voter in her campaign database. The state representative for District 148 said she did so after receiving an advisory from the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, which indicated that absentee balloting could be expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic based on language in the Texas Election Code.

“We thought that was something we should do,” Eastman said.

Here is the entire Leader story: https://theleadernews.com/mail-in-voting-question-lingers-over-upcoming-election/.

Regarding the primary runoffs on Tuesday, July 14, Early Voting in Person begins on Monday, June 29 and runs through Friday, July 10.  There will not be Early Voting in Person on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4.  The holiday thing.

This was part of an email from Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis from a few days ago:

Another priority for Harris County’s electoral process involves choosing an election administrator who is committed to the protection of free and fair elections. This will also be discussed at the upcoming Commissioners Court on Tuesday because generations of people have fought for the right to vote and our community entrusts us to carry out elections that uphold these values. This role of election administrator is critical and must be selected with great consideration to guarantee elections move forward as planned.

If you want to know about the County Elections Administrator – how it is created and duties, go to the Texas Election Code, Title 3:  Elections Officers and Observers, Subchapter B.   It is a very informative read. If Harris County gets an Elections Administrator, this new office will conduct the elections and even handle voter registration.  Plus, they get their own seal. The Elections Administrator also can’t make financial political contributions.

A County Elections Commission made up of the County Judge, County Clerk, County Tax Assessor-Collector, the Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party, and the Chair of the Harris County Republican Party, will select the Elections Administrator.

If you are going to make a major elections department change within Harris County government, you might as well do it when you have a lame duck Harris County Clerk.

If Commissioners Court goes through with this and goes with an Elections Administrator, the Interim County Clerk will have to agree if she, yes, I said she, wants to be appointed.  Whoever decides to seek the Harris County Democratic Party Executive Committee nomination will also have to agree with this.  How would they get nominated if they are opposing the Democrats on Commissioners Court?  Nice play, if it happens.

Sara Sidner from CNN had a pretty cool mask on the air yesterday.  I will tweet it out with today’s Commentary.

We have missed 47 regular season games. 26 of them at The Yard.

We were supposed to host the Yankees this past weekend.  Last night’s game was an ESPN Sunday Night Game.

Stay safe and keep wearing a mask to help us get through this if you are out and about.

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