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We are not going to get a federal response to COVID-19 until we get former Vice President Joe Biden sworn in on January 20, 2021.  The response from most of the GOP elected officials is to get reelected.  That is why they are ditching most of the advice that is being handed out by medical and public health experts.

Vote by mail to avoid COVID-19 spread. Nope.

Social distancing.  Nope.

Ease up on reopening.  Nope.

Masks. Nope.

Aggressive testing. Nope.

Stay at home.  Nope.

They are playing to some in their base who are disgruntled.

Getting reelected is paramount to them. Public health be damned.

Not until it hits them close to home.


All you need to know is that one of the few makers of N95 masks in the USA couldn’t get the federal government to utilize his company back in January and February.

Is it uncomfortable wearing a mask as it starts to warm up? Yep.  You have to be respectful.

At that HD 148 debate last night, they asked Penny Shaw what small business owner in HD 148 would vouch for her.  She replied Juan Hernandez, owner of Dona Maria’s.  Dona Maria’s is in HD 145.  Sigh.

You get what you get.

The MLB Commissioner said yesterday that MLB owners stand to lose $4 billion if MLB shuts down for the season.  That’s all you need to know.

We lost former Astros player and General Manager Bob Watson last night.  He was an Astro for 14 seasons, and he was twice selected to the NL All Star Team as an Astro. He also played with the Red Sox, Yankees and The ATL.  My favorite Bob Watson story was personal.  In 2004, when he was an MLB executive, at the MLB All Star Game that was played at The Yard, right before the start of the Dinger Derby, he came down to our seats and told me and my nephew Dave that we were in his seats.  I showed him our tickets and he was ok with that.  He sat next to me for the duration of the Derby.  Cool.

Former Astros player and Skipper Art Howe is in the hospital with COVID-19.  I am rooting for him for sure.

Trini Lopez is 83 today.  Happy Birthday Trini.  He had hits with “Lemon Tree” and “If I Had A Hammer.”  He was also prisoner number 10, Pedro Jimenez, in “The Dirty Dozen.”  They also called him “mayonnaise” in that war flick.

Have a safe weekend.


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