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Dems across Texas owe GOP congressional candidate Kathaleen Wall a big thank you this morning.  She sent out vote by mail applications to those under 65 and prechecked the Disability Box excuse.  I don’t think Texas AG Ken Paxton is going to prosecute her.  Wall just told Paxton a big fu_k you.

State Rep. Anna Eastman’s campaign sent out applications a week or so ago to those under 65 but we didn’t precheck the Disability Box excuse.

Vote by mail is being expanded folks.  I really think the GOP leaders have no choice but to expand.  That’s what folks want during the pandemic.  Here is most of the Trib story on the Wall applications:

Kathaleen Wall, a Republican activist and donor in a runoff for a battleground U.S. House seat, has said the secretary of state expanded who is eligible to vote by mail. The secretary of state’s office says that’s not true.

As Republicans fight a push to expand voting by mail during the coronavirus pandemic, one GOP congressional candidate in Texas has already told voters the option has been expanded for them and mailed them ballot applications to take advantage of it.

That is at odds with the state’s position, and it is causing a stir — not to mention some confusion — in the primary runoff for a battleground district.

The candidate, Kathaleen Wall, has sent out mailers in recent weeks telling voters they have the “green light” to vote by mail and that the secretary of state has cleared them to do so if they are worried about contracting or spreading the virus by voting in person. While lawsuits on that issue are ongoing, the secretary of state’s office has not said that. And Attorney General Ken Paxton, a fellow Republican, has specifically been going out of his way to fight the perception that more Texans can qualify to vote by mail than usual due to the pandemic — and has even hinted at criminal charges against those who suggest otherwise to voters.

The ironic episode is unfolding in the 22nd District, where U.S. Rep. Pete Olson, R-Sugar Land, is retiring and national Democrats are working to flip the seat. The runoff pits Wall, a prominent GOP activist-donor, against Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls, who says Wall is resorting to “liberal Democrat tactics” to mislead voters during the pandemic.

Democrats and voting rights advocates have been leading the charge to expand voting by mail, arguing it is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus at polling places. Republicans from President Donald Trump on down have been resisting the efforts, claiming more mail-in ballots increase the possibility of voter fraud.

The controversy in the 22nd District has caught the attention of state officials. The secretary of state’s office says it “has been made aware of the mailings that have been sent out and have been in touch with representatives of the Wall campaign.”

“We have informed them that certain statements attributed to the Secretary of State’s office are categorically false, instructed them to update voters who have already been contacted, and to immediately cease further distribution,” a spokesman for the office, Stephen Chang, said in a statement.

Wall’s campaign says she is doing her best to keep voters up to date on the fast-changing developments around voting by mail, pointing to posts on her website and social media that have come in addition to the mailers. In a statement, the candidate defended sending out the vote-by-mail applications.

“I’ve distributed over 60,000 face masks to first responders and businesses in CD22 to make sure they have the tools they need to stay safe,” Wall said. “Sending out ballot by mail applications is the same thing. I’m making sure voters know they have options if they want to exercise it and meet the qualifications.”

However, Wall’s questionable vote-by-mail efforts go back to mid-April, when she sent out a mailer with the state seal telling the voters that they had received the “green light” to vote by mail and that their applications would be arriving soon. (Federal candidates are exempted from state law that prohibits the use of the state seal in political advertising.) The mailer also said, “Recently, the Texas Secretary of State ruled that voters’ concerns over contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus and endangering their health by visiting a public polling place meet the election law requirements to be deemed eligible to vote absentee.”

Wall’s campaign used the same language in the subsequent mailer with the application, which featured the “Disability” box pre-checked.

Governor Greg Abbott put out a proclamation order yesterday extending the early voting in person period for the July 14 primary runoffs, the #TXSD14SPECIAL and other elections on that day. Instead of July 6-10, it will be June 29 – July 10.  Except no early voting on Saturday, July 4.  The extension was made because of COVID-19.

From the Ask China Department:  Commentary watched Donald Trump’s latest meltdown yesterday.  Let’s see.  Over 80,000 dead.  We lead the world in infections, and he holds a press conference with two big posters saying we are the greatest at testing when we’re not.  Whose idea was it to go #MissionAccomplished?

I was glad to see the reporter ask the question about the necessity of making comparisons with other countries when folks are dying here.  Trump went racist on her.  The reporter was Asian American and Trump told her to “ask China.”  He just looked like a doofus racist pure and simple.

It is obvious that Trump treats this pandemic like an annoyance.  It is preventing him from holding rallies with the MAGA crowd.  The pandemic has interrupted his campaign and rather than work his arse off towards a solution, he’s hoping for some sort of super elixir to suddenly show up.  He has no feeling for the over 30 million who have lost their jobs.

He also said yesterday that “we had met the moment and we prevailed.”  Maybe his base is going to buy that BS lie, nobody else is.

MLB wants to start playing by the Fourth of July.  Go on ahead and play ball.

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