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Bravado.  This is a word a doctor on CNN used on Saturday about COVID-19 infections that dropped in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The doctor used the word bravado to describe the attitude they have over there, but not in a good way.  Bravado like in a stupid way.  They are supposedly – but they are not – running the fight against the pandemic and they flagrantly violate the social distancing guidelines that they put out.  They don’t wear face coverings. They don’t stand six feet apart.  Remember a few weeks ago when we got in our mailboxes Donald Trump’s coronavirus guidelines.  That’s why folks throughout the USA have given a big f_ck you to the rest of us on face coverings and social distancing.   Those guys at 1600 Pennsylvania are setting a bad and wrong example.

I am not really surprised.  It was expected.

That bravado attitude has three of the top doctors self-quarantining from their cribs today.

In case you haven’t figured it out.  The 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue strategy for fighting COVID-19:  let’s get reelected.

Commentary is not predicting a good outcome.  H-Town has 4,531 infections.  Baytown has 90.  I went to Baytown yesterday.  It seemed like proportionately there were a lot less folks wearing face coverings.

I was sad and stunned to hear the news Saturday that Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman was resigning for health reasons.  I hope the best for her.

The Commissioners Court will pick an interim County Clerk and sometime this summer the Harris County Democratic Party Executive Committee will select a nominee to place on the November ballot.  The Commissioners aren’t going to listen to Commentary, but I hope they pick a female.  If they pick a male and the male ends up getting the Executive Committee’s nod, he will win this November but get knocked off in the 2022 Democratic Party Primary by a female sure enough.  Dudes need not apply.

Julia Morales is going to be a mom. Congratulations.

The MLB Commissioner is supposed to lay out a plan of sorts to the owners today.

We have missed 41 regular season games. 20 of them at The Yard.

I got my Astros face masks this past weekend.


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