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We lost B.A. Bentsen a couple of days ago.  She was married to the late U.S. Senator and Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen.  B.A. stood for Beryl Ann.  I liked her a lot.  She was 98.

It looks like #Masks4Christmas gifts might be the thing this Christmas season.  The mask makers are poised to make a killing over sweaters, ties, socks and other clothes.  I asked the family through the family group text last night what kind of masks they wanted for Christmas.  It is never too early to start Christmas shopping.

When the pandemic started, you could find masks at Walmart, CVS or Walgreen’s.  Not anymore. Now our elected leaders are teaming up with businesses and non-profits to distribute masks and hand sanitizers to folks.

I ordered some of the light blue masks online and I had to wait a month before they got here.  Initially I was supposed to wait 10 days.

My Hey Jude mask was given to me by my nephew’s ex.  She made it herself. That was nice of her.

You can now go online and order cloth masks.  I ordered some and the first batch should arrive this weekend.  We will see.

You can find your fav MLB, NBA, NFL, Longhorn, Sooner, Cougar, Aggie, Disney, patriotic, MAGA, Star Wars, flowers, you get the picture.  The batch I bought were made in New Braunfels.

I have not seen the Biden 2020 masks yet.

It is only a matter of weeks until cloth masks start showing up on shelves at Target and Walmart.

Less than 1% of folks in the USA have been infected.  That means there is 99% to go.

The virus is going to be around for a while.  Don’t be one of the stupid ones.  Go get a mask.

Commentary has said before that I have been paying attention close attention to what is going on.  I like living.  Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick doesn’t appear to have very special powers during a pandemic, unlike the Governor, the Harris County Judge and the H-Town Mayor.

This is in today’s Chron:

Local governments could find their emergency powers hemmed in during future emergencies under recommendations proposed by a task force that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick set up.

State government needs an off-switch to end local disaster declarations if necessary and clarify what steps mayors, counties and school boards can take during an emergency, says the Texans Back to Work Task Force in its 114-page report.

“The recent shutdown showed how the principles of representative government can be thwarted when mayors and county judges have too much power in making unilateral decisions without the agreement of the rest of the executive body,” the report says.

This is Lt. Gov. Patrick resenting the fact that a 29-year old Latina is calling the emergency shots here in Harris County.  The fella needs to grow up in my book.  Judge Hidalgo is doing a fine job.  Unlike our state elected officials like the Governor, Lt. Governor, and AG.

Last week, the Governor held his big press conference and said hair salons would remain closed.  A white female salon owner defied his orders and she got fined and jailed.  The Governor, Lt. Governor and AG then squealed.

Commentary will say it again.  History will not be kind to many GOP leaders when historians document Pandemic 2020.

The Governor will head to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today.  Which means the Lt. Governor will be in charge when the Governor leaves the state.  As much as I hate to say this, but hurry back Governor.

Oh yeah, I forgot.  The Coronavirus Task Force is not being discarded.

Did I mention historians and Pandemic 2020?

I forgot to wish Jose Altuve a Happy Birthday yesterday.  A belated Happy Birthday to ‘Tuves!  He is 30.

Don’t forget to wear your mask today if you have to venture out.

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