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The Board of Our Revolution voted overwhelmingly to endorse Sen. Elizabeth Warren for former Vice President Joe Biden’s VP pick.  I like Sen. Warren, but what we need is some color on the ticket.  Our Revolution isn’t my revolution when we talk about diversity.

If you want to try to avoid the COVID-19, you best be wearing a mask for more than the foreseeable future.  At least until they find a kickarse treatment or a vaccine, whichever comes first.

Choked.  Cracked under pressure.  Unconditional surrender.  Quit.  Threw in the towel. Commentary is talking about a whole lot of GOP leaders.

The folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are going to disband the Coronavirus Taskforce and leave it up to the individual agencies to deal with the states and local governments.  Of course, it is not as if they were saving lives.  Still. It sends the wrong message.

Governor Abbott is reopening a lot more.  He couldn’t take the heat so he left the kitchen so to speak.

They’ve given up folks.   They are washing their hands and walking away.

They cratered to a few from their base.

Like I said, they’ve sent the wrong message to Texas and the rest of America.

The thing is, they are misreading the vast majority of the people of this country.  As long as the infections and body counts keep rising, do they think we are going to the malls, restaurants, gyms and other places where we could be infected?

They are kidding themselves if they think these decisions are going to markedly improve the economy.

The two GOP state legislative morons who ignored the orders and got haircuts yesterday pretty much represent the majority of GOP leadership thinking these days when it comes to working to keep folks from getting sick and dying.

I’ve got my Hey Jude mask.  I’ve got a couple of N95s that I use when I go out on a hot date.  I’ve got the light blue masks.  I have my original mask that just showed up here one day.  I just ordered a few other masks including Astros masks.  I have a good stash of hand sanitizer.  One has to be prepared.  It is looking like #Masks4Ever.

Here is from a CNN story yesterday:

The city of Houston, Texas could furlough all of its employees except for police and firefighters, Mayor Sylvester Turner said at a news conference on Tuesday.

The furloughs are likely to take place to make up for a $200 million budget shortfall and would likely start on July 1, Turner said.

No garbage pickup?

Hall of Fame great Willie Mays is 89 today.  Happy Birthday Say Hey Kid!

Sabrina Midkiff is also celebrating her birthday.  Happy Birthday Sab!

Have a nice mask day!

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