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My nephew Dave sent out this morning to the family group text a Cinco de Mayo GIF.  I followed up with a Taco Tuesday GIF.  My niece Rachel trumped us with a Cinco De Mayo finally falls on Taco Tuesday only to be cancelled by a virus named after a Mexican beer GIF.  Ouch.

I need a haircut.

Yesterday, reporters from KTRK-TV Channel 13 tweeted out the story about Judge Lina Hidalgo asking folks to report violators of the Governor’s reopening orders.  The Channel 13 reporters tweeted out with the story “what do you think of this?”  This is not reporting in Commentary’s book.  That’s looking for clicks. Bush league act by Channel 13 reporters.

The COVID-19 predicted death numbers are being significantly moved upwards because of the reduction in social distancing and reopening up the economy.  We are finally getting around to pricing out a life.  I guess we are pretty much on our own.

COVID-13 has put a hurt on the planet and the USA. Here in the USA, it has been documented that folks of color are taking the disproportionate share of the hits.  They are on the front lines as health care workers, grocery stores clerks, public transit workers, sanitation crews, first responders, meat packing plant employees, farm laborers and so on. They didn’t get to stay at home.  They are doing their jobs, essential services.  While some of us zoom.

I am really proud of them.

Can’t say that about the MAGA crowd.  They are showing their true colors and they are not red, white and blue.  They weren’t the ones in Alicia Keys’ “Good Job” video or W’s video.  Their behavior in Michigan, Ohio and California tells me that the MAGA crowd is cracking under the pressure.  They can’t handle what a strong majority of folks in the USA can.  The are whiny crybabies who don’t have what it takes to tough it out.  They think tough is taking your guns, nooses, swastikas, Johnny Reb flags, and mob mentality to state capitols to intimidate. They too will be judged harshly when historians put together how folks handled Pandemic 2020.  Certainly not profiles in courage. MAGA punkarses if you ask Commentary.

The Texas House Speaker launched a twitter tirade of sorts yesterday.  Apparently, he went into a Lowe’s or Home Depot and the employees weren’t wearing masks or practicing social distancing.  He blistered the store in tweets for corporate greed and so on.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Last week, when folks savaged Judge Lina Hidalgo over her face covering order and when the GOP Governor wouldn’t back her, and said his order trumped hers, guess what happened?  The Texas House Speaker ought to be barking at the Governor.

From Royko on yesterday’s Commentary:

“Cheat-by-mail” ballot only voting should not be allowed. Ballot harvesting has been mastered by a group, and with the all the registered voters who are still on the rolls long after they died, and along with the massive identification theft problem, one can never verify the level of cheating.

Link to Colleen Vera’s detailed research that lead to her complaint to the Secretary of State and Attorney General. She discusses convicted forgers’ harvesting of ballots in Harris County.

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan put out a statement yesterday saying anyone who uses the disability excuse will be mailed a ballot.

In a just released Washington Post poll, 82% of us want to keep movie theaters closed, 78% for gyms closing, 74% for dine-in restaurants, 70% on gun stores, and 69% on barber shops and hair salons.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I will have a Santa Arnold this evening.

Be safe out there.

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